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I beg for a laptop

The need for a laptop in my life is immensely affecting my livelihood and educational background. Laptops come in handy in saving power and providing high computational power in performing program analysis and running of complex soft wares as well as programs. They provide means for documentation and project management and control with proper use as well as a platform for entertainment as well as development of skills through technological advances. Through the adoption of the laptops, remote computation is able to be achieved in various places where electricity is scarcely distributed like in my case my neighborhood community.

I am an undergraduate undertaking computer science. In the few years, I’ve been on the course program the journey to achieve success has been a very bumpy ride been. This is due to the lack of a computer or laptop to us and implements in my projects and class works. Most of the time I find myself late in submission of assignments and class-related projects as I am unable to access a computer device or laptop. In the few times, I have been borrowing from my friends which has proven to be non-reliable as they too require to use their own computers in their endeavors. This has brought a tremendous downfall in my academic results with constant frustration and sadness throughout my coursework studies.

I am unable to purchase the electronic device due to financial constraints at home. the device in need is expensive and will require a lot of time and turmoil for me to acquire it myself especially with the pandemic uprising which creates a more difficult in getting work and money. I am very much behind on my studies especially when all my other student colleagues are undertaking online classes. This brings me to a total disadvantage and I may have to forfeit my classes and miss on the exams.

I am in need of a good favorable laptop with a preferable size, processor, and disk space. Good screen quality to provide visual quality of code and design. A video graphics card which video card is an extra device that takes the load off the processor, allowing the laptop to run smoothly and quickly when playing movies or working with photos. Some video cards have their own system memory, which makes for faster, more seamless performance. This will come in hand to enable me to run complex software in my class unit and be able to get reliable results in good time without tedious software and computer crashes from the system designs and program codes that I will be implementing.

Getting a laptop or even a desktop computer would come in handy in helping me achieve greatness in my academic studies as well as give me the opportunity to test my limits and improve on my computer skills. Any donation to this cause will be greatly appreciated as it would be a worthy one to help someone desperately in need. may blessings befall you as you take me up on this offer Thank you in advance.

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