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I beg for YouTube subscribers

Not all our needs are limited to materialistic things. We usually demand spiritual or things that add meaning to our lives and a lot of them can equally be accomplished when begged for.

One day around a year and half ago, I spontaneously published a video in Arabic talking about Ego. I did not feel the urge to do so since as there was no specific topic in mind to talk about and hence, my channel had this one video only.Later, last March 3rd was World Hearing Day and I was chosen to give a five minutes speech to talk about my challenging journey and try to inspire others who face this very challenge. After that, I thought it would be a great idea if I uploaded this speech to my channel and so I did.
And then came the inspiration to create more videos whenever something came up that was worth presenting. My channel now comprises a mixture of videos in both English and Arabic languages.

I addressed Anger management, how our emotions are triggered by our thoughts which are so fast at the heat of the moment that we don’t realize it. I presented a mathematics equation;1 over infinity; and how you can answer it using a fun example.
How to wash your hands the right way was amongst the videos which I am pleased to have shared because it is especially needed during a period where a large portion of what we should do to protect ourselves from the COVID disease is to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly.

A 3-days challenge to drink enough water and get enough sleep was added- 3 days only in order to avoid redundancy and boredom but the idea itself was meant to be applied on an ongoing manner. Researches have shown that it is essential for our body to drink 2 liters of water and experiencing this on my own was very hydrating and refreshing. Adding to that fresh hours of sleep was such a pleasant trial that I am working hard to stick to and turn into a routine.

Speaking of routine, I talked about how routine is such a blessing and I’ve explained why. If you’re on a routine or boring day then you’re lucky- I guess you must be curious to find out more at least on this one.But what’s a channel full of videos without an increasing number of subscribers and audience looking forward to the next video, enjoying the channel and the varieties it presents? How is a channel successful and vibrant without the comments and engaging of its users? I’d really love to get to know more people worldwide, listen to what they’d like to say in the comments, interacting together and sharing an enjoyable experience together.

I’d love to have more subscribers who are interested in my channel, who encourage me to do more videos, share what type of videos they liked best and what did they disliked the most so as to reduce similar content or navigate areas of improvement. So here I am, greeting you all and begging for subscribers to my channel! Check it out here:

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