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I beg for water tanks

Water is a crucial part of the human life in all cycles. All animals and plants depend on water for survival. If there is no water no life would exist in life. Water is used for cooking, drinking, washing their bodies, washing cooking and eating utensils, keeping houses and streets clean, recreation such as swimming pools. Water is also used in farming such as irrigation schemes, maintaining gardens and parks. Water that is safe for drinking is free from germs and other harmful chemicals and is called portable water. Non portable water contains harmful substances that get into water easily. Over the recent past many people have died as result of consuming unclean water. Water borne diseases are common and care is necessary to avert this diseases.So a water tank to collect water is very important!

Catchment areas create a safe source of water since they are located away from major town therefore reducing their pollution. This includes dams and reservoirs. Lakes and rivers provide water for most community but are likely to be polluted since they pass through several areas. Although there are rules regulating activities such as farming and recreation near these areas, many people do not abide making water not portable. Springs are found where water flows out of the ground naturally without requiring any help of bores, wells or pumps. Rain water tanks are tanks that capture water from the rain. They are designed in a way of guttering leading through a pipe to a storage tank. This is one of the most efficient ways to ensure households have access to safe water. It’s also possible to treat this water.

In the recent past there has been an increase in global population leading to a decrease in sufficient water supply. Scarcity has been brought about by deforestation that is rampant in most areas of the world. The water catchment areas have been destroyed therefore contributing to low supply to meet the increased demand for water globally. Lack of investment to meet the technology required drawing water from rivers or other water sources and insufficient human capacity has also lead to this scarcity. It is because of this that I would like to beg for water reservations tanks and borehole for the small village visited during my last holiday.

Water scarcity in this area has led to rising cases of cholera and typhoid, death of livestock’s and people due to hunger and disease. The majority of this is young children under the age of five, the elderly, pregnant and lactating mothers and those who are chronically ill. The area few rainfall seasons and due to the terrain the water is hardly trapped but instead the water causes soil erosion making it difficult for crops to be sustained in their farms. Five community water tanks placed at strategic points in the area will help in assisting the people get water easily and without a struggle especially during the dry seasons. A borehole might take time to dig therefore making the water tanks more efficient since they will only have to be kept at strategic point and filled with water. Help save a life by giving tanks. They will be useful to reduce diseases and hunger for the people. Remember water is an important part of us without it there is no life.

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