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I beg for Washing Machine

Time has been changed now. Everyone is rushing towards gaining financial stability. Most of the people are trying hard to get the best of everything. I am also the one who is no different. Like every other person, I am in a struggle to gain a better lifestyle.
I am a nurse. Every single day I have to spend most of my time in the hospital. Sometimes, it gets really hectic but somehow, I manage to do it. I have a family of five members. We are four sisters. We live with our father. My father is a watchman in a school in our town. We lost our mother last year because of her high diabetes. I am the eldest of my sisters. My younger sisters are school-going students.
Being the eldest one, I have to do all house-hold work on my own along with my job. My sisters are so young that even if I ask them to do something, they need guidance for that. I have to give plenty of time for my family as there is no one else to manage everything. It is really difficult for me to handle my house with my 12-hours job every day. On the weekend, I have to go for over-time so I can earn a little more to support my sister’s education. It is not easy to survive without a mother. We all are suffering. My family is going through a tough time. It is making my heart heavy while I am writing to you.
I beg for a washing machine. My father is a watchman, my sisters are students and I am a nurse. We all have to wear neat and clean uniforms every day. We need to wash them daily to maintain our reputation being workers and students. It is considered as a vital factor to be in clean dressing. I make breakfast for five members in the morning, then spend 12-hours in hospital as an active worker and after coming back to home totally tired, I cook food to feed my family and clean my home. In this hectic routine, I do not find time to wash five uniforms daily. Even if I manage somehow to find the time, my body does not allow me to do anything anymore. Every day is really tough for me. I sleep for four to five hours maximum. Sometimes, I get sick, even then I am supposed to do it all. This is my responsibility.

I cannot afford to buy a washing machine as we are already going through a financial downfall because of this increase in prices of everything. We are even running out of the basic necessities. If you will buy me a washing machine, I would be able to wash our clothes and uniform easily. Your small contribution will give me a big comfort. We would be able to wear neat uniforms every day and it will build our reputation better.
I look forward to getting a washing machine from you soon. Thank you. 😊

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