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I beg for Tilapia skin burn bandage.

People with burnt marks are mostly looked down upon and are avoided regardless of the fact that nobody wishes for such incidents to happen and to lose beauty of their skin. Affected individuals face variety of expressions and comments from society on their incident, appearance and after-effects. A lot of humans are able to deal with such social hatred but others just fall prey to depression, anxiety and over-whelming disappointment that leads to loss of one’s dignity and self-respect.
There are a lot of treatments for burns, second and third degree burns and blazed skin, one of them is tilapia fish skin bandage. This bandage is actually skin of fish named tilapia whose skin collagen is almost similar to human skin and is also microbial free which makes it safe to use for burns. The tilapia skin is effectively being used to treat burns and regeneration of human skin to normal by first processing the fish skin by sterilization method. It saves time by reducing the period of healing process and excessive application of creams and ointments which are often a cause of blisters and slow recovery. It has proven to be as effective as human skin.
I’m begging this for my maid who got her arm severely burnt and wounded while she was working for a dyer as her other part time job. The boiling water from the pot scraped her skin away leaving her wounded and awfully scattered to screams.
Although the burn is non-fatal but her family is not able to support for prolonged hospitalization with eight family members to support as well. Her family is scared of the stigma and rejection and the girl is in miserable state. Home remedies used for the wounds aggravated the situation further. I cannot simply look her in sorrow and despair. Most of the doctors have given a long list of medicine and they seemed to have no effect.
Thinking of this new innovative method of treating burns and wounds I thought to beg for her so she can have that skin she lost in the incident and come back to a normal happy life as she used to be before. Unfortunately it is unavailable in here so I am making use of this platform to get it for her.
Due to religious norms her family is unwilling to have a treatment with pig’s or even human skin. As their approach according to their norms and culture they have accepted for the tilapia burn bandage.
Every other minute someone gets affected and brutally injured in burnt incidents. Acid attacks, domestic abuse and violence and other factors are the main factors regarding the increasing burn cases everyday across the world turning the smiles into tears especially for girls who are considered as a disgrace and bad omen in typically societies with lack of education and thus making their lives doomed leading to suicides too.
I beg for this tilapia fish bandage to help her come out this calamity and bring her back to life. A kind gesture goes a long way, help me give her a better tomorrow.

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