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I beg for Tennis kits

Hello, thank you for checking my post. This post is purposely to beg you for some tennis kits namely Tennis cloth, and shoes for my 13 years old girl who is an aspiring tennis player and she has started playing lawn tennis since she got to the high school two years ago. Recently, she was lucky to be among the three students that will represent her school for an inter-school competition.

Three days ago, she arrived home crying and I was shocked to see her in that mood because she was always smiling. She informed me that her coach gave her two months ultimatum to get better tennis cloth and shoes if she truly wants to represent the school. I bought her those tennis kits she is currently using when I discovered her interest in tennis three years ago. She watches a tennis match only on television. At times, she would cry when we are watching something else on the television if she knows there is a tennis match. She has different posters of tennis players on the wall in her room. She would either watch tennis highlights or read her books when she is busy and all these made me discover her love for tennis.

To be candid, the kits are no more good. The cloth is slack and the shoes are also torn. She once told me that her mates mocked her during training because of her kits. I wish to buy her another kit but I can’t afford them anymore because I am now unemployed for the past eight months. I was a banker until the bank folded up last year. I have searched for different jobs but I have not gotten anyone My wife is a teacher and the salary she earns is used to feed the family and also to finance the studies of our children. Thus, it is difficult for her to buy the kits too. My daughter is a very talented tennis player as she has won numerous medals for her class. Every day, she cries and begs me to get her a new tennis shoe and that was my reason for coming here to beg all cheerful givers to help her get the tennis kits. I don’t want her to be replaced by someone else because that may discourage her.

Next month will be her birthday and she will definitely be happy to get these kits as a surprise birthday gift because that is my wish if I could afford it. Her sadness pushed me here. After many types of research on where to get help on my needs and i learned that this platform is the best for beggars because it is visited by great and cheerful philanthropists who are ready to help. I am here today beg for you to help me too with a tennis kit. I want my daughter to become a great lawn tennis player. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I anticipate your active response. Thanks!

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