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I beg for Telescope for Kids

A telescope would seem like a huge thing to beg, but my desire to have one led me to write this article to beg for a telescope. Maybe there is a philanthropist out there who might understand my point and get to fulfill my wishes to have a telescope. I really love the sky and all it holds, especially at night. I cannot count the hours and nights I have spent outdoors just watching at the sky and asking myself endless questions. I get to read books on Astrophysics and as much as I can about the space and what it holds. This increases my desire to have a closer look at the tiny objects that I see lying all over the space. As a matter of fact, I admire to go into space if possible and have the experience that I have always wished for. However, at the moment, a telescope would do the trick and would mean very much to me.

What is a telescope?
In simple terms, a telescope is an instrument or an optical device that zooms in objects from a distance and makes them appear closer and magnified. This is achieved through the arrangement of a couple of curved mirrors and lenses, or just lenses, and such devices that are used to observe and magnify objects from a distance or tiny objects. The lenses or mirrors provide the magnification and zooming features through their absorption, reflection, or emission of electromagnetic radiation. With the advancement in technology, some of the telescopes have advanced features in a way that they are electrically powered and adjusted to cover a wide and further range of view.

Take an example of the moon; it is a very small object from the view of our bare eyes. Or better yet, look at the stars. They are really tiny objects from how we view them with our eyes. Well, these are huge objects with wonderful appearances. Objects such as the moon and some of the stars are as large as our planet earth. As a matter of fact, some are larger than the earth itself. There are very many objects lying in space that I take an interest in and spaces hours learning about them. View it as a microscope that scientists in the biological fields use to observe microorganisms. It is a really great deal to them in studying organisms. A telescope is only powerful and bigger with a function that can be related to a microscope.

Why I beg for a telescope?
Besides taking an interest in space, I also do astrophysical studies along with the scientific discoveries and research that is going on around the space. Space is part of our creation. Besides, space also affects the existence of earth and life as we know it, only that the impacts are not direct. I love to read, watch, and study the discoveries and reports that organizations such as NASA are always releasing on matters regarding space. Who knows? Maybe one day, I will be part of them, going into the international space station, conducting research and making discoveries. The journey of a thousand steps begins with one step or just a leap. I have been conducting my own studies in astronomy that could go in handy with having a telescope. Take a view of these snapshots and see what I am talking about.

You see, in the first picture, the objects are very tiny, and there is nothing to take out of them; until you zoom in to realize the wonders behind the tiny objects.
Having a telescope to view at what I learn would make it a form of reality, and some of the ideas would make sense, along with getting a couple of answers to some questions that I usually have.

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