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I beg for someone to confide in

Hi,As the title suggests I am begging for someone I may confide in and someone who can listen to me. I have been under an immense amount of stress the past few months due to a variety of issues, both because of my actions and things out of my control. I have recently made the move to leave not my city, not my province, not my country, but the entire continent in search of a more fulfilling job and a better life, however things have not turned out quite as planned. In addition to this, I have been racking my brain of late about mistakes I have made in the past before deciding to go away and move to Vietnam.

After hearing about the potential to earn a good living and teach English abroad, I had decided that that is what I wanted to do and I set my mind to accomplishing my goal of moving to South East Asia. What I had not thought of before moving here was how I would be losing my network of friends and family and how difficult it would be to rebuild such connections with the people living in Vietnam. I beg for someone from over the world to confide in.

As coronavirus has shut down schools, I have not been able to work, causing me to stress about my financial situation, which is not pretty, as I had not planned for such a long absence from work. Moreover, with no work I do not have the money to go out and socialise in order to make new friends. Because of this I have been extremely lonely since I moved, and I can’t bring myself to tell my friends and family back home just how much I am regretting this decision. Even if I did have money to go out, most establishments and parks are closed in my city, so there is nowhere to go to socialise.

Prior to coming to Vietnam, I had recently split up with my partner and with all this time being stuck inside my tiny apartment, my mind has had nowhere to go but back to them. Now I wonder how much happier I would have been had I stayed with my partner and not left to go “do me.”

These past few months have been extremely stressful for me, here, mental health is not a very serious subject and so I do not know of any therapists I can speak to, let alone a therapist I can afford, even online therapy is too expensive as I do not know when I will be able to work again and earn money like I had hoped from coming here. So, in short, I am begging for someone who can sit down with me over a free video chatting or phone call service and just listen and help me vent out my stress, I could really use someone to talk to. If you’re free and would like to listen to my woes and help me out of this funk, I would be endlessly appreciative.So I beg for someone to confide in.

Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice day!

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