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I beg for some good books

Books are a person’s best friend. I developed the habit of reading since I was 6 years old, and since then, I’ve always been reading books. I have read books from every genre. I started off from child fiction, and gradually moved to fiction, and then adult fiction. I found books as my best friend. They would not let me stay alone, and would always give me company. There was a library near my house and I always went there to borrow some books and read them. And after reading those books, I would return them to the library. Since I did not have any money, I could not buy any books and so I relied on the library to quench my thirst for reading books.

Whenever I’m reading a book, I feel as if I have entered the world of the book. I feel the presence of the characters near me. The books relate a lot to my personal life. Books give me internal satisfaction, and of course, life lessons. I have learned a lot of things about life from books: life lessons, the reality of life, the struggle, and how to overcome all your problems. Different books gave me different life lessons and I implemented them in my life. The results were obvious. Books started holding importance in my life. I would not be satisfied until I read at least one book a day. The desire to read books was never-ending.

This went on for more than five years, but then, tragedy struck. We recently had to move to a village, where there were no libraries or even books. I do not have any extra money for buying books, and the nearest library is a two hours drive from here. And obviously, I don’t have a car and can’t afford the bus fare. But the wish to read books is still in my heart. I am very desperate to read books. Books were like my best friends, they would never leave me alone and would accompany me whenever I was alone. But now, it’s been a year since I have not read any books, and I really want some books to read. Life has been very hard on me, and the only thing that can heal my wounds is books.

Therefore, I came to this website to beg for a few books. I am begging for a few fiction books that have a good story, life lesson, plus a very good moral. The book can be of any genre, and of any length, I won’t mind. I just need a book that I can read and engage with. Something like “If I Stay” or “The Fault in Our Stars”. These books have held a great importance in my life, and have a very deep lesson.

I am begging for books because these are the most supportive things for me right now. I want to increase my knowledge and learn a few life lessons. I would be very thankful if someone can fulfill my wish.


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