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I beg for some books

Books are very important in any nation’s life. Books play an important role in someone’s life. We are humans. Books are our best friends. By reading some books, we get inspiration to do important and right things. Books help us overcome our failures. Books are our teachers. They are our great company because they give us knowledge, and the interesting thing is that they do not ask anything in return.

I am a bibliophile. I love book reading. You may call me a book worm. I am a student. It is very important for a student to read extra books other than academic books, so that they may taste what the books have to offer them. Not all students can afford to buy some books other than academic books.

I beg for some books. I want to quench my thirst for reading. I belong to a lower-middle-class family. My family meets both ends meet very hardly. It is not possible for my family to provide me extra books for reading. You know lower-middle-class families cannot afford to fulfill the desires of their children.

I want to study some extra books. These books are novels by different authors. I take fancy to fiction reading. I want to make friendship with good books. Good books will make me a better person. In case when there will be no one for my help, these books will be my companion. These books will bring positivity to my life. A positive value will be added to my life.

It is a universal truth that a person who can read can educate himself in any area of life. We are living in a modern era. It is an age of information. A person who has more information is more educated; therefore, he is more successful than those who do not have information or have less information. This information comes by reading some books. I want to gain information as much as possible.

Reading will help me suffer from depression with social well-being. Reading books will help me boost up self-confidence. My communication skills will be improved. Reading books will also help me with my mental well-being. My power of concentration will be increased. While reading a book, I shall have to focus on only reading- only one thing at one time. If this habit is developed in me, it will be very helpful for me in real life. I will succeed in every walk of life by focusing on one point at one point.

Reading will help me connect with other people who also like book reading. The book reading will provide me knowledge about the culture and customs of other people. I will be able to understand the experience of other people. I will get to know what other people faced in their life and how they sorted out their problems. The book reading will make me a good communicator. My vocabulary will be increased as I will come across new words.

I beg for a few books. The name of these books:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. A Tale of Two Cities
3. Things Fall Apart
4. The Return of the Native
5. Adam Bede

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