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I beg for sneakers

The love for sneakers and designer shoes goes beyond my wildest dreams. When it comes to sneakers the thrill they give me is endless. With every look and feel the yearn for comfort and flexibility in my day to day life brings me to this platform.

I am a high school student based in Uganda, Africa and I struggle in getting or purchasing shoes especially sneakers. I once owned a pair of Nike air max 360 but they were stolen from me and since then I haven’t been able to afford any pair of shoes that suite the standard of comfort as them. Lately, my life has been hard from going shoe after shoe that crumbles my leg and doesn’t provide the necessary comfort and feels that is suitable for my day to day life in my hood.

I usually partake in long-distance walks in order to go to school as well as run errands in my neighborhood. Most often I receive bruises and bleeding toes on my legs due to the extreme work ethics I experience in going to school and hustling for the basic needs to provide. I am not able to purchase a pair of shoes as I got so many responsibilities going on from taking care of my siblings to providing for my studies’ needs. My parents passed on a few years back so we were left without grandparents to provide for us. Lately, they have been very weak and ill due to old age thus it is left up to me to step up and be the breadwinner in the family. The pressure to provide for what is necessary and what i fell ii need and like is incomparable and my only resort is this platform forum where i get the chance to get a donation to fulfill my desires

When it comes to a sneaker of my choice id be glad to have a Nike air max 97. the shoe is comprised of a simple black, Grey, and mesh upper, the shoe featured volt accents. The white midsole with a beautiful volt green Air Unit really makes this shoe what it is. The simple upper and striking accents instinctively draw the eye, something that every sneakerhead wants. Nike Air Max 97 has become one of the fan favourite for sneakerheads in town and globally. It’s the sleek design and the minimalist approach has made it a classic. They have an enticing look and feel on the feet. They also provide a lasting sole complex that will be able to serve me for a long time before i am able to acquire another pair of sneakers that will suit my preference.
A generous donation to this cause would be greatly appreciated. You would be able to make someone’s life better that being me and improve my means and livelihood through a generous gesture. It is with great hope that I believe this platform can be a means to transform my life and give me a second chance to happiness with all the struggle and turmoil in my life at the moment. Thank you


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