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I beg for Smartphone

Mobile Phone also is known as cellular phones. It is a device that is chiefly used for making voice calls. This is quite helpful for humans, with the help of this device one can simply convey any message to people, by making voice calls, video calls and sending text messages. As time passes, mobile phones are getting very advanced with a variety of new features, therefore we started calling them smartphones. But before this, mobile phones were only limited to make voice calls. But now, we can use mobile phones for internet browsing, for clicking pictures, and for also playing video games.

I beg for the smartphone. I am very fond of a smartphone. My every friend had a smartphone with many advanced features, so when I met them, I always peeped into their smartphones, sometimes they asked me the reason for doing that, but I only passed a smile and become speechless. But sometimes they offered their smartphone to me because they knew I was the only guy in the group without any smartphone, although I had a keypad phone, but that I could only use to make voice calls. I felt very poor at that time. So, whenever I went back home I used to ask my father to buy a new smartphone for me. But they always replied to me with an “okay”. But one day I asked my mother for the same. Then my mom explained to me the complete financial condition of the house. My mother told me that your father’s income is not sufficient to buy a new smartphone for you, she told me about the debt in which my father was. She said, sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to deposit school fees and to buy groceries. On that day, I felt very bad about our financial condition and I made my mind that I will never ask for a smartphone from my parents. But the wish to have a smartphone was still in my heart.

Still, I want to get a smartphone, but now I am begging for it, I have several reasons to beg for the smartphone, the very first reason is I have a shortage of money, my family can not afford it for me, But I have a strong desire to get a smartphone, as my all friends have. I want to enjoy clicking selfies, group pictures with my smartphone. I also want to create my profiles on some very popular social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I want to enjoy the sharing of pictures on Instagram. I have also heard about YouTube, it is a video sharing platform for video creators, and it offers knowledgeable content to the users, and some YouTubers also share entertaining content and I won’t enjoy that. Listening to music is one of my habit, So if I get a smartphone I can easily access a lot of songs and music videos on my smartphone. Being a curious boy, usually, I plenty of questions in my mind, and I try to find their answers, but sometimes I failed to do so. Therefore, I think about using Quora to find out the answers to my questions. So these are the reasons, for which I beg a smartphone.

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