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I beg for smart mobile phone.

In this age of modern science mobile phone is the most popular digital gadget which is known to every civilized person in the world. Almost every person uses a mobile phone. It is quite a normal thing to have a mobile phone. Now a days almost every one uses a mobile phone. From old to young, every one uses mobile phone. Mobile is like a part and parcel of our daily life. Most of the people can not even think about a day without mobile phone.

A mobile phone is capable of doing most of our daily necessary things. Mainly mobile is used for communicating with the people of all over the world. We can communicate with any one from any corner of the world within a moment. Before inventing mobile phones communication was very hard. people had to move to one place to another place to communicate with one another. That was really tough. But mobile just changed everything. People can do every thing with a mobile phone. A mobile works as a television, a clock, a camera, a radio, a torch light and so on. It is capable of doing so many things that can not even describe in words. Infact mobile phone is also a small hand held gadget. So it is very portable. People love to carry it with them. Almost every one carries own mobile with them. Mobile phone is a must have gadget in this age of modern science.

In short, mobile is very important essential gadget in this date but I do not have one and that is why I have to suffer a lot of problems. A mobile phone is really very useful device in emergency cases. Mobile phone increases connectivity with people through many social media. I will be able to contact my family and friends more if I get a mobile phone. A mobile has many features by which I can learn many productive works. I will learn them and found myself as a more productive person than before. Mobile phone can also get connected to internet. By using internet in mobile phone I will increase my knowledge and learn many things that I want to learn now but unable because of not having a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone will increase my connectivity with the world a hundred times. I can also use the mobile phone for entertainment. I can play games on a mobile phone. I can also watch movies, TV shows or anything I want by a mobile phone. I can use the mobile phone to access the mobile banking. I will do each and every possible thing that a modern civilized society wants.

I beg a mobile phone to do all of these things. I beg a mobile phone for not to suffer more as I am suffering now. I beg a mobile phone to get connected to world. I beg a mobile phone to explore the world. I beg a mobile phone to know the world. I am badly in need of a mobile phone.

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