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I beg for shoes

Shoes are the most significant portion of a person’s clothing, as no other thing of dress must fit so exactly and perform serious roles such as transferring body weight from one foot to another foot. Apart from instant foot uneasiness, short or improper footwear may lead to complications with the lower legs, knees, hips, and lower back. Therefore, it is very important to wear good shoes.
I am begging for a pair of shoes because I need it badly. I love sneakers from my childhood but I could not find any opportunity to buy those. Once I told my father to buy this for me but he refused me. My father did not like sneakers, he always suggests me to buy formal shoes. But I am not more interested in buying formal shoes. I am a student and have not enough money to buy this pair of shoes but I still wanted to get those. There are many features to a good shoe. Basically, price is not a factor as a decent shoe may be cheaper than an unsuitable shoe, and well-known products are not an assurance of a classy shoe. The following are the reasons why I like these shoes the most.

1. Variable
These shoes contain variable strap such as laces or ties which permits the user for alteration depending on the needs of every user.
2. Stable
The heels of these shoes are soft, steady, and easy-going. It prevents the vertical or horizontal heel movement.
3. Large enough
The sneaker shoes have enough room at the front of the shoe for the toes of the user in both directions’ width and depth. Throughout normal walking, foot both feasts out and increases up to 1 centimeter in each direction. Thus, I want to pick a shoe that is longer than my longest toe by about the width of my thumb.
4. Better heel size
These shoes have not high heels in height. Because, high heel makes walks unstable and hence likely to sprains and forefoot pain.
5. Design
The main thing that I like the most is the design of sneaker shoes. They have a pretty decent look and exists in so many designs.

I have my old shoes that are very worn-down, and lost some of the basic roles. Remaining to run in worn-out running shoes rises the pressure and effect on legs and joints, which can lead to overdoing damages. Doctors recommended that a pair of running shoes should be altered after every 500 to 700 kilometers that are approximately equal to 300 to 400 miles. Consequently, I am requesting to you give me donations or help me by some other means, so that I can buy sneakers for myself. I need white color sneakers containing black strips with laces. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

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