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I beg for Sanitary pads

The life of the girl child matters and its not as if they are most valuable but rather, because they go through certain things that go as far as affecting their self esteem. I believe that condoms should be sold and pads should be shared to teenage and vulnerable girls within the society for free.

I beg for pad because I’m working on pad a girl child project whereby sanitary Pads will be given out to girls within the rural areas for free. Many teenage girls of this generation tend to use clothes, tissues or foam when they are menstruating and this tend to cause infection which in the end result to an extra cost which many of them cant afford.
I beg for pad because many girls within the society cant afford sanitary pads due to financial constraint. I believe reaching reaching out to vulnerable girls within the society will go a long way to reduce infections and also help improve their self esteem.

I beg for sanitary pad because I know how important pads is to the female folks. A pad is more like gold to every woman out there and when we reach out to them, we are helping them achieve something in return. Though there seem to be an increase in the price of pad but reaching out to few girls really means a lot.

I beg for sanitary bad because using it is part of the female life and it promotes proper hygiene among the female folks. A lot of girls miss school on a daily basis, not because they intentionally want to but because they are on their period and since they dont have pad and wouldn’t want to be embarrassed when bleeding, they end up not going to school at once and in the end have a bad grade with tends to affect their academic pursuit.

I beg for sanitary pad because in other to have one, most ladies go as far as doing dirty tins so they can earn money to afford one. Some go as far as giving out their body in exchange for money to buy pads. Some of them involve also in all sort of imoral acts so they can raise money for it.

I beg for sanitary pad because most girls in the society miss associating with their peers because they feel intimidated and not clean enough to be with them. Bleeding also push them away from participating in school activities, church activities, sporting activities and other activities that might aid them and help improve their growth.

Giving out sanitary pads has a lot of positive impact in the life of the female gender. It will help prevent many of them from going into prostitution or any ilegal act just because they want to raise money to afford one. Many girls are suffering from bleeding and infections due to this and its time to stretch out a helping hands to them and help them regain their self esteem. I do hope this post is giving a consideration and we help save lifes.


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