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I beg for running shoes

Running shoes are a type of athletic shoes used for particularly running. These shoes are made for running and are comfortable for long runs. You cannot run in normal everyday use shoes. They are made in a way to aide you in running due to their aesthetics.
I am a junior championship winner of 100-meter race in the inter school championship. In the couple of months there is a competition held by the government in the nearby city for which you have to register by showing your competence. I will have to travel there on a bus but there will be a huge number of applicants. I am practicing running each day but my old shoes are now worn out and aren’t repairable anymore owing to the fact that I have repaired them dozens of time already.
There is already a huge burden on my father who is the only earner in the small family of 4. We are two siblings; I am the elder brother. Younger brother is mere 8 years old. I help my father setting up his cart on which he sells fruits and vegetables in the nearby villages. He earns a little profit at the end of the day. He is hardly able to feed us meal two times a day. I don’t want to make him feel like he is doing less than he could by asking him to buy me a pair of running shoes.
The competition organized is very important for me to win. I won’t be able to win without shoes. That competition has a cash prize of $500. This is a life changing amount for a guy with a background like me. I can support my father in setting up a small shop in the market with the prize money.
I am already saving up money to buy the shoes but the amount I am able to save each day will take at least a year to buy a good pair of running shoes. I am willing to pay back the amount to the donor if I win the race. I have practiced a lot to be the winner. I will put in my every effort to win it.
I have been looking for a way to buy the running shoes for myself so that I can take part in the running competition. I searched the internet a lot and found this website. I do not know if someone will help me via this platform but I want to take every possible chance to make it to the competition. So, here am I writing a begging article for myself. I want a pair of running shoes; I ask for nothing else.
I pray that someone reads my begging article and decides to help me out in this difficult situation. Begging is not so easy for me but I have got no other choice. I will pray for anyone who buys me a pair of shoes so that I can take part in the running competition.


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