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I beg for ribbon blender mixer.

Transformation of raw ingredient into food for human consumption is the mixing operation. Whether it is small scale mixing by hand or large scale blending of multiple ingredients in high volume, proper mixing is important to establish proper consistency of the ingredients. Ingredients have different textures that have to be merged in order to give one similar consistency after the mixing process. Having the correct amount of ingredients and a good recipe doesn’t guarantee good consistency. All this require proper mixing, So if there is a ribbon blender mixer that will solve this problem!

The major outcome of the mixing process is color, appearance texture and taste. These are characteristics that distinguish different products and enable consumers to be able to identify or rather acquire certain products easily. In the food industry food is expected to have high levels of consistency which keeps consumers loyal to the company or product for a longer time. Mixing is determined by various factors such as types and styles of mixing. This includes phases being mixed i.e. solid-liquid, solid-solid or liquid-liquid. The density and viscosity of the end product is also a consideration when it comes to mixing.

When one selects a good mixer that fits their desire and outcome of end product the mixing process becomes easy and efficient. These mixers come in various forms and designs depending on the objective of the end product. The ribbon blenders are a popular brand of mixer used to food and beverages industry especially for dry ingredients. Therefore it is one of the preferred for my industry desire. I desire to take part in fortification of food. This is process that involves addition of nutrients to food to promote their consumption and reduce deficiencies. Thus it is a good thing in alleviating malnutrition among people of all ages. Sugar, flour and salt are commonly used foods as agents of fortification with iron, zinc, sodium, and iodine.

The desire to reduce malnutrition which is a state of insufficient nutrients in the body, I beg to have a ribbon blender. It is cost effective and mixes dry ingredients without altering much the final product. In the process liquid ingredients can be added to improve taste color and texture of the food. The good thing about this blender is that it has the capability to mix more than one ingredients at the same time therefore saving on time.

Acquiring this mixer will go a long way in ensuring food produced in incorporated with more nutrients that are not in the food. For example maize flour contains very little amounts of iron while some maybe lost in the process of milling. Many people tend to consume maize and an addition of iron will mean its consumption. Iron consumption will reduce instances of iron deficiency and anemia. I therefore beg a ribbon blender mixer that will help in fortification of food increasing nutrient consumption.

Most of the foods consumed will be given for aid in the less fortunate. This is people living in arid and semi-arid areas that have insufficient rainfall throughout the year making then food insecure. Through fortification they will be able to consume one but nutritionally whole meal that will meet their daily nutrition requirements.

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