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In a world where canned and frozen food has taken a huge part in human life, the refrigerator is one thing that helps you to have this comfort. It is one of the most important equipment in the kitchen. Refrigerator helps you to keep your food cold so we can prevent our food to be rotten. If you didn’t get rid of rotten food from your refrigerator, someone may probably eat it and maybe dying from it. I know it sounds scary but it is the possibility.
I am here to ask for a refrigerator for me and my family. I will tell you my story and how much I am in need of a refrigerator.
I am a working woman as well as a student and work part-time in a mart as a cashier after my classes end. I work there from 3 pm to 9 pm. I got paid hourly on a daily basis. The payment is not that much and I hardly afford my personal expenses. I am not home most of my day because of classes and work so I make my meal after every two days and stored it in the refrigerator. So that I can have them after a long tiring day at work. I hardly have time to reheat my meal because I have my homework on pending and I got so exhausted that my body does not allow me to do any extra work.
Recently, my refrigerator broke down. It’s not like it was in its best condition but still, I managed to make use of it. But now it had taken its last breath and left me to misery. It’s been a week since my refrigerator left me alone and it also been a week that I am relying on street food. I have tired of it and I want my desi healthy home meal.
See I have told you I am eligible to have a new refrigerator from you. My story must have taken you to the verge of crying. Didn’t I?
We are living in a society where the refrigerator plays an important role in the means of food and preservation. Not only it holds food cold but medicine too which is so important to certain people.
Just imagine living in the past when the refrigerator was not invented. How many hardships you must has to endure to keep your food safe. Using cooling cabinets, iceboxes or even large icehouses and etc. You would have to drink warm milk and have to eat soft apples. See this will not taste good right? Life would be so difficult without a refrigerator. We should be thankful for the person who invented the refrigerator. But so many people take this invention for granted when they should not. Refrigerator brings so many good things in our lives. It makes our lives much better and a lot easier.
Everyone wants to live a comfortable and peaceful life. But not everyone dreams come true. However, I can have a little taste of it if you could help me with a refrigerator. I would be very pleased and thankful to you.

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