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I beg for Phone

In a world were everything is going digital, there is need to stay online always and be updated with the recent things happening. Having a phone goes a long way to aid in keeping one updated with this happening around the globe. Not having a phone in this present era seems like loosing out from 80% of the good things life have to offer.
My life have been so engrossed with gadgets to a point where staying without a phone seems as if I’m been killed. It might seem as if I’m addicted to it but the fact remains that my phone is part of me.

I beg for a phone because have a phone will give me access to my mobile banking app. Technology have been made in such a way that you dont need to go to the bank before you can send or receive money. To this effect I need a phone that i can use to access and monitor my bank account transaction. By using a phone it saves me time and money and keep me safe from some problems. It will help me avoid crowded bank situations and guarantee me of safe transactions right from the comfort of my home.

I beg for a phone because I need to keep in touch with my family, friends and colleagues. By getting a phone i will always be in touch with my close family and relations by reaching out to them via social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, viber, weechat, WhatsApp, via calls and SMS messages too. By having a phone i will be in touch with even my colleagues in school too.

I beg for a phone because I’m a tech savvy kind of person and I can use my phone to do few jobs online and end money for myself. I can use my phone to do jobs such as Article writing,proofreading, blogging, graphics design, digital and social media marketing. I can also use it to offer online classes to few people who might want to learn any of the skills listed above.

I beg for a phone because we leave in a world where there are new place we might wanna go to but have no idea of the right address and the only way to sort it out is by using GPS. I have once lost my direction while driving due to the fact i dont have a phone to access google map. By having a phone i will get access to these features and be able to perform professionally.

Having a phone is off great importance and That is one of the things i need the most right now. By having a phone i can keep up to date with thins that want to happen around me and how best to face and solve them. I do hope with these few points, it has been convincing enough on how badly I need a phone irrespective of the type or model to support and aid my day to day activity.

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