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I beg for N95 masks and sanitizers to get protection against the deadly COVID-19

One of the hottest topics taken soon across the globe is the sudden emergence of the “coronavirus virus”. It was originally found in Wuhan, China and gradually spread to other countries as well. Many research groups are now actively working on it, it is a virus strain that has been established and recent research groups are working to come up with a vaccine. Unfortunately, until now there is no vaccine available against this deadly virus. Thus masks like N95 and sanitizers are the best things to be used for avoidance of the spread of these germs.

The N95 masks and sanitizers are rare in third world countries. These masks were never as important as they are in today’s world. These are currently not available in the open market and if available; are being sold with high prices in the black market. Recently the pandemic of COVID-19 has made it compulsory to wear a face mask and to use sanitizer frequently as preventive measures. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself is to get a high-quality face mask such as N95 masks, and use of sanitizer that protects us from germs, and other air pollutants.

Why is it so important to wear such a mask and use of sanitizer? The answer to this question is that it covers the most sensible parts of the face and it is easy to use. If one has to closely contact with someone, which is inevitable in today’s globalized world, it cuts the chances of spread of COVID-19. This virus spreads when a personal touch to another infected person and enters the body through the nose and mouth. If masks and sanitizers are used the dissemination of these germs will be checked.

Coronavirus has an edge that it transmits from one person to another through contact and it’s another strength is that it still does not have a durable and authentic cure. As it is a virus, that’s why the antibiotics are mostly useless for its medication.

The pieces of evidence of COVID-19 presence are now clear in every corner of the world. It is affecting all countries irrespective of their geographical, political, religious, ethnic, social and economic conditions. The people of developing and developed countries are equally scary against this evil. The important point here to note that the developed countries have resources and facilities to get sanitize properly but third world countries do not have such an advantage. People living in these developing countries are most prone to this disease. They are even not aware of the consequences of having infected with this novel disease. Thus it is the responsibility of the developed and well-educated states to make sure that the underdeveloped people will also enjoy the same facilities as they have against the pandemic.

It is so because the Earth is for all people and we all make this world. It is high time to come together and fight against it as a whole to save humanity. For this purpose, the role of UNO is very important after all it was created for the purpose to save humanity. I appeal the well established businessmen and wealthy tycoons to hold the hand of humanity in this time of need. I beg for N95 masks, Thanks!

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