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I beg for Mobile Phone

Nowadays, it is the norm to have a mobile phone with us everywhere we go. In our fast-paced environment, both old and young people rely on their phones practically about anything. Using this gadget day in and day out is a part of their routine.

Who am I to judge? I do it myself. Sometimes I consider myself being nomophobic because I fear that I might lose my phone. This feeling of attachment is from the latest survey statistics. Because of its amazing features, everyone is attracted to it, and these characteristics help me enhance my daily productivity. There are many mobile phones available in the market to choose from with all its wide range of special qualities and functionalities.

I beg for a mobile phone because it is very useful in cases of emergency. Though there are several types of situations that a person needs a helping hand, and this gadget comes in handy. For example, I am dealing with a flat tire in the middle of the road, with just a click on my phone’s app, help is on the way.

I beg for a mobile phone in order for me to send text messages to my family and friends. Getting a text message is as equally important as receiving a call. It is a valid form of recent communication features that this gadget offers.

I beg for a mobile phone so that my communication lines can always be open. Sometimes gaining too much independence can lead to a lack of communication between families and friends. Good thing I have my phone to get in touch with them constantly.

I beg for a mobile phone to entertain myself. As time evolves, cell phones offer a wide range of entertainment applications. Nowadays, these precious little gadgets have a recreation package that comes with it. Playing digital games is just on the tip of my fingers. Listening to my favourite music and making a playlist is possible because of the built-in mp3 player. Taking photos and selfies is very convenient because of its improved mobile application.

I beg for a mobile phone in order for me to use a GPS application. Our growing population is so mobile that we tend to get lost while driving. This GPS app that is present in this gadget can determine my exact location and direct me, which is the right road to take. With the use of GPS, a voice-guided navigation feature can also be accessible on my phone.

I beg for a mobile phone in order to access and make transactions in my online banking. Our world is so modernized that a digital one is replacing even a traditional banking system. So with my phone’s help, I don’t need to make a fuss falling in line in a crowded bank to make my transaction. My life is more convenient now.

I beg for a mobile phone for business purposes. It is vital to be reachable at all times, most especially when it comes to my work. I must always have open communication with my boss or my colleague at work in order for me to keep up in the circle. Being productive and self-reliant even outside the office premises is a very valuable trait of a good employee.

I beg for a mobile phone for me to have unlimited web access. Because my phone has a Wireless Access Protocol, it would be easier for me to surf the web about anything that I needed for work or even personal matters.

Therefore, I beg for a mobile phone for many reasons. With the help of this device, I can be as productive and efficient as ever. Even though I stay mobile, I am still able to accomplish my obligations and responsibilities, and that is the most rewarding part of it.

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