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I beg for Macbook.

In this modern world tech is one of the most common word. Almost everything surrounding us is using tech gadgets. Each and everyone is using tech gadgets any how.

In this era a computer is a like a must need item. Being more specific a laptop is must need gadget. A laptop can be used for anything. It can be used for official purpose to any kind of entertainment purpose. There are many people who own’s laptop. They use that as they want. There are also many people who have multiple laptops and most of people just upgrade their laptop and leave the old one in any kind of shelves or drawers. Most of them doesn’t use the previous laptop at all. That laptop is like just a piece of metal. On the other hand there are many people who are badly in need of a laptop but they don’t have any and they can’t even afford it. They might do some great works by any laptop if they have any.

In the market we can find various kind of laptops. There are laptops of many price points. There are some budget friendly laptops and there are some high end top notch laptop. Laptops also differs form each to each by it’s performance. There are gaming laptop, there are productive laptop and so on. People who does gaming buys a gaming laptop and people who does some official work or any kind o graphical work goes for a productive type laptops. Personally I am in to graphical works. I do graphics design and I am learning video editing. So I have to get myself a productive laptop. Macbook is one of the best laptop out there for this type of works. I really need one of them but I can’t afford one.

Since a long time I am thinking about buying a Macbook but i don’t have that much money. I want that for many reasons. Firstly, I do graphics design and learning video editing so I will use it for my works. I will do freelancing works by it. I will start earning by that. Secondly, I can develop my skills and I will be a better graphics designer and a professional video editor.

You can ask me why I need a Macbook only and why not other laptops? Because other laptops can’t give as good performance as Macbook. Macbook pro is one of the best productive laptop of all time. They contain a good specification and give the best performance and a great experience. Another benefit of Macbook is it’s echo system. It’s echo system is really very helpful. Another beneficial side of Macbook is it’s operating system. Macbooks operating system is one of the best operating system out there. That’s why I need a Macbook and not any other laptop.
I can also use it for my self entertainment. It provides a great user experience. If I got one Macbook I could watch any movie, TV show, or anything I want whenever I want. It will be such a great thing.

So I am badly in need of a laptop and Macbook would be really preferable.


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