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I beg for Lemony Snickets “Series of Unfortunate Events” Books

When I had become a child, I absolutely loved to read!

I spent most of my schooling career sitting at the back of my school’s library with my nose stuck in a book, I loved fantasy books – books that made me feel worlds away from my reality and then…. I found…. Lemony snickets books “The series of unfortunate events” and I fell in love with the whole series.

There was something about the way Lemony Snicket wrote he’s stories, the way he painted a picture using not much more than he’s words and it changed my world completely.

After I had read the first book, I was hungry for more.

From a young age those books inspired me, they installed the passion for writing within me.

Those books are one of the biggest reasons I grew such a deep passion for writing, I couldn’t help it – Lemony Snickets style and story plot were so captivating, it felt so real that I remember thinking to myself, “This is what I want to do, I want to write like Lemony Snicket.”

Today I don’t write children’s books as Lemony snicket does, but he’s taught me so much about how to convey myself and my story through words.

During that time in my life, it had felt very dark, I was a very sad child who spent most of her time alone, and those books they made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

They made me feel motivated, somewhat happy but most importantly not alone, for once in a very long time I had finally not been feeling alone.

For some, it may sound silly – “children’s books changing someone’s life?”
But yes, it was exactly that and that is why now today I still think about those books, I have looked for those books in many libraries’ but found nothing.

Until I started to search it, and I found it the whole series online, I was so excited, I was so happy!

The only problem is that it was so expensive, my heart broke – it was frustrating, the only thing keeping me away from that series was money, money which I had no idea how to get among all my current expenses.

It would be something so amazing should someone decide to buy me that series, it would be something completely out of this world.

Those books changed my life, they made me confident and they made me turn to words when my life got dark.

I will always be grateful to Lemony Snicket for writing those books, I’m sure he doesn’t even know the huge impact those books could have in a life of someone like me.

Getting those books would truly be such an incredible source of joy for me, it would be such a beautiful to my childhood and my growth to have.

Each time I look at those books and give them a read I know it will be something so different for me, it would make me feel stronger as that those books mark my transformation – from a lonely bullied kid to a strong, confident woman.

I hope that you understand how much these books mean to me and decide to inspire my life by getting them for me.

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