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I beg for Laptop

A laptop computer is a transportable personal computer powered by a battery, or an AC cord persevered into an electrical opening, which is also used to charge the battery. Laptops have a keyboard and a touchpad and an isometric joystick used for navigation.
As everyone knows the computer has now become essential for every student. Without having a laptop or a computer, a student cannot perform all of his duties and cannot be able to learn new technologies and skills. It becomes the most important part of human beings. In this modern era, everything is digitalizing and its users are increasing very rapidly day by day. Almost every house must have at least one laptop or computer. Furthermore, the use of a laptop is also an excessive way to store all your files as long as it has sufficient space. Not only qualified workers take advantage of this, but also students because of its portability. Computers raise our efficiency and, with a virtuous understanding of the software system running on them, people can become more creative at everything. For instance, once you have an elementary understanding of using MS Word software, you can create, store, edit, share, and print documents and letters, etc.
As I am a computer science student and always keen to learn new skills and technologies. I am interested in building websites and mobile applications for both iOS and Android users. My family background is not strong enough to buy a laptop for me. I want to do freelancing on different sites like Fiverr and Upwork and want to make our financial position strong. I want to help my father by earning money.
I have skills and ability but there is one problem that always reminds me that I cannot do anything without having a laptop. I have a computer but I could not perform tasks on it easily as I can do it on a laptop. Because my computer is having a very old version like Pentium III and it runs very slow. But I required a laptop with a modern processor so that I can run multiple software. I have tried my best to get a laptop from different sources but all in vain. As I am a brilliant student in my class and I have also applied for a scholarship but could not find it. Now I am using this platform and hoping that someone will surely help me by giving me a donation or by some other means. I shall be very thankful to you. I need a laptop having the following specifications that would help me a lot in doing my work.

• Laptop Core i5
• Processor must be in the range of (2.60 GHz to 3.10 GHz)
• The most public sort of RAM used with a Core i5 processor is DDR3 1333.
• Hard disk of half-terabyte
• More than 3rd generation
• Brand (anyone)

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