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In this world of fast-growing scientific inventions and technologies, a slow and steady can never win the race. In order to be a part of this generation, you have to be fast. Because no one wants to wait for a slow-paced person. And for a housewife, her whole world revolves around the home especially kitchen. People often say that cooking is not a science but an ART. But I would say that to be a perfect artist you need some science to be included. As in the kitchen, we see different appliances which help us to make our work more easily and faster. Believe it or not but these appliances are a necessity for women to work in this era. So we’re talking about the whole Food Factory Set, which includes the chopper, grinder, mincer, and mixer, etc. Well, as the world has become so much automated, electric stoves, flour kneaders and tortilla makers are even introduced in the markets.
So, talking about the kitchen appliances, firstly I’ve to mention that – working in the kitchen is getting out of trend these days. This is also because of the hardships one has to face while doing all this work. For example, in the previous era, women used to do all their works by their hands. As these appliances were not available but now they are available so everyone wants to seek comfort. But there are some families who cannot afford to have these appliances, such as mine, we hardly save enough money in months to buy a simple grinder or mincer. Helping us with maybe some of these appliances will make our day, which will for sure lead to an easier life.
These appliances not only make the work easier to do but also fasten the speed of any work. For example: if we compare a woman who uses the old methods to do all the grinding of the spices and to mince the meat, it will take far more time and effort than the woman who uses these effortless appliances. And as the old methods take a long time so if you are having some guests in just an hour or two so it will be difficult for you to prepare the meal and to be ready in this short period of time.
Not only these but many people find it so hygienic to see others doing all of these works with bare hands and normally no one takes care of wearing some gloves when working in the kitchen. Also, it feels embarrassing to tell someone that you don’t really have these simple kitchen appliances at your home.
If you think that you are not capable of helping everyone so that’s not a problem. You are not supposed to help everyone but if everyone helps someone that can actually help to make the change. This will help in putting equality among everyone, no one will feel lower than others. It will make our world a better and happier place to live in.

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