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I beg for Keyboard

The world is becoming advanced more than ever. Every business, every field is turning into an online platform. Internet and smart devices are now everyone’s need in this modern time. A teacher, a student, and a businessman, everyone needs internet and smart devices.
I just completed my school and now I am a college student. This is my first year in college. When I entered college, I did not know that I would be asked to buy a laptop in order to complete my online academic tasks. It was a burden for me to buy a laptop. I got admission in college with great difficulty because I belong to a lower-middle-class family where we do not have savings. We only have enough to meet our hunger and the rest is just a dream.
I asked a few of my class fellows if they could help me in buying a laptop and one of them helped me luckily. Although he gave me an old laptop which was in bad condition but at least I got the one. It was difficult to run, but at least I could complete my academic tasks and I was happy about that. I used that laptop for five months. A few days ago, its keyboard stopped working. Keyboard keys were just lost all its working and I could not write my assignments anymore. I tried to get it repaired but it was of no use now.
My laptop is powered off now. I have been failed in all my online assignments last week. This is affecting my grades and my academic career as well. I do not have enough money to buy a new keyboard. I cannot ask my father to buy me one because I already know that he does not have money. Last week, I was going through a mental trauma because I was continuously getting failed in my assignments. Being a hard-working and brilliant student, it was really heartbreaking for me. I was thinking of the solutions to get a keyboard for myself and my friend told me to write it to you. Meanwhile, I am writing to you, I am still in depression to loss my marks and to see my education going through a downfall.
I beg for a keyboard. If I will get a keyboard, I can attach it with my laptop. I can complete my assignments; I can gain scores in my upcoming assignments before the semester ends. I would be able to regain my reputation in my academics. This will bring peace of mind.
There is a famous quote: ‘’When you give someone charity, be thankful to them. You may be fixing their worldly life but they are fixing your life in the hereafter.’’
I hope to get a keyboard from you as soon as possible. I shall be thankful to you for this generous act of you. I shall remember you in my prayers. May blessings of God be on you and your family.
Thank you 😊


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