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I beg for a Job

This is five months since I left my final semester in school and graduated with ambitions and great expectations. At that time I was no able to get a job due to the ongoing crisis in the country. I got a job in a different town so I was unable to go there. Hence I decided to look for a job in the same city I used to live. First I sent my resume to companies at random via their online platforms and emails. I waited for quite some time for them to respond but none did at that time. I decided to go step by step. I noted down all relevant companies in my town that would be requiring my services at that time. Every day I shared my resume with15 companies at least, they were approximately 150 companies in total. Again I hardly got any calls or invites for any company after the numerous applications. So I beg for a job on beggar.news

I didn’t understand what was wrong and why I was not getting any calls or invites. My frustration level was getting worse every day. In my mind I thought the writing and sending my resume via online platforms was not enough so I decided physically walk into those companies seeking employment. I would wake up very early in the morning and prepare as if I was going for work. This was the worst decision I ever made but I appreciate the lessons. The rejection was real and inhuman. I remember one person told me to go and work as a vendor I don’t qualify for any of their positions. This broke my heart knowing I had worked hard to get there. I lost hope and went home disappointed.

Then I started calling my friends and relatives to see if they knew somebody in a company that could help me fit my career. Unfortunately I got no help there. This is the last thing I did on my pursuit to beg for a job. I actually called my high school friend who had made it better in life unlike but they knew nothing or nobody to help me. I am at a point that is my worst. I have no job no money and nowhere to go. I called my aunt asking if I could stay with her before I figure out what move I will take next. I am still waiting for her response as she has to consult her husband on the same. I am writing this at the verge of confusion.

I forgot to say earlier I am a graduate of computer science but also with diploma in computer engineering. I am tech master I would say. I am determined young and active. I want to make a difference through technological developments and research. I am social and I relate well with people at all levels. I respect and appreciate every person as they are. I am begging for a job. As you can see I have tried my best in pursuit for a job in vain. I beg for any jobs at your disposal ill not disappoint your efforts.


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