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I beg for job

Begging for a Job
I am 27 years old boy who grew up in a middle-class family, my parents are not well educated and my father was working as a government servant at low scale level. We are 3 sisters and brothers and between then I have second in the number. Instead, we are middle class but we were living happily and then suddenly my mother was got unidentified diseases and then one part of our family income was used for her medicines.

At that time, we were teaching in the colleges and my younger brother was in the school and because of all educational expenses, my mother was decided to not get treated herself nor she got any medicine.When we were asking our mother that why are you no taking medicines then she told every time I don’t need ant medicine and I am fine, don’t waste money on these medicines. We were continuing our studies and I completed our graduation and my sister completed her master’s in economics.

When I completed my graduation I thought that I will get any job and help my mother and make a good treatment for her but I never got any job. Time was passing and once day my mother’s health was suddenly affected and she admitted in the hospital, and after two days in hospital doctors decided to discharged her and we get her at home but after one week she passed and all my wishes that I want for her such as a good treatment for her and want her to take her at Makkah in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

My mother wanted that I will be a great man in my professional career and after her death, I decided to get higher studies and I enrolled in a university because I belonged to a middle-class family and I don’t have enough money to get enrolled in a well-ranked university that is very necessary to get the high-class job because every company wants her employee would be a great ranked university graduate.
So I don’t have enough money I got enrolled in an average university and I completed my MS in banking and finance and then my goal was to get a job. I started applying in every sector relating to my department but I failed to get any job, I tried everywhere, every field but I don’t get any job, every day was passing by giving some tests or interviews regarding job but I never got any job.

Then I felt that a beggar who is begging for money, I am also a beggar begging for a job, because I have a degree but I don’t have a job and if I don’t have a job, then I will not have enough facilities to help my family.

Why I need a job? I beg the job to help my family, to increase our living standard and want a job so that I will be able to help those who are suffering from some problems, whatever it would be, regarding their necessities.

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