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I beg for iphone

Cell phones are one of the most important gadget to communicate nowadays. It provides us a sense of connectivity with others. Your loved ones who are far away from you, can contact you in a second using cell phones. Cell phones have become a survival gadget these days. The ability to keep in touch with our family members, friends and business associates have left a strong effect on the importance of the cell phones.


Everybody has their own cell phones these days and it has provided us with so much comfort in different ways. Just imagine you are in a foreign country with your family where people don’t understand and speak your language and on the other hand, you also don’t know their language and mistakenly you took the wrong bus and ended up somewhere unknown to you. The first option to get out of this situation will be calling them through cell phones. Just contact them and get rid of this horrible situation but what if you don’t have cell phone then what would you do. This situation is what I have already faced, my phone got stolen and I was left alone in a dark place. I didn’t mean to scare you, just want you to know how much cell phones are important to us.

That’s why I am requesting you to give me a cell phone so I can use it to the fullest and be able to in touch with my family.

There are lots of reasons we want no scratch that need cell phones in our lives. Just like a situation aforementioned. Similarly, anything can happen, as I have already lost my mobile.

I request you to give me a cell phone because I had been in a compromising situation before and it leads to the horrible mental health. I don’t want history to repeat itself.

You know it has become mobile theft has become a trend and the only phone that can never be stolen or misplaced is iPhone. It has a strong iOS which would never allow anyone to hack the phone and that can be the only way to avoid mobile theft these days. I want you to give me an iPhone that would help me move fearlessly around the city. I would remain grateful until the very end of my life.

Cell phone is needed to live a day-to-day life – how good it would be to give me one iPhone? Their use has become a part of our lives. It would be a great assistance if you could provide me an iPhone, so I could stay in touch with my family and friends in every situation. Also, I would not mind if you give me an updated version of iPhone because I am always in love with the phone but couldn’t afford to buy another. I am scared to buy an android phone and always miss my old iPhone. Please give me the pleasure of having an iPhone back!

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