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I beg for High-Quality Laptop

Laptop by definition is a portable personal computer powered by a battery with an AC cord to be plugged into an electrical outlet when the battery needed to be charged and have an attached keyboard as well as a touchpad, trackball, or isometric joystick to be used for navigation and it is available with a thin display screen that is attached to the laptop and can be folded flat so that it will be portable and convenient to bring it anywhere you need and wants to (Bucki, 2019).

I beg for a high-quality laptop for several reasons and firstly, I need it for my study life, for me to be able to do my university assignments easier and it will be convenient for me for when it will not crash in any way when it is a critical time such as being unable to save my assignment when it is stuck or when I urgently need to do my assignment and submit it as soon as possible but then it crashes, these situations will be one of the worst-case scenario to ever be happening in my life as the worst case will if I lost my entire progress of the assignment if ever the laptop cause trouble or any sort of problems.

Second, the reason I need a high-quality laptop will be because I need it for my gaming. Gaming for me is the way I soothe my stress when I am overwhelmed with my assignments or even when I am stress over situations in my social life or even it helps me when I am bored as well as keeps my mind occupied with interest rather than overthinking and leading to a worse situation especially in the issue of mental health. For me gaming is my way of expressing myself in a way, that I am not allowed to and through gaming, I can be me that may not be okay to be express in the real world but in the game world such as through the Sims 4, I can be me that maybe sassy or even a bit evil which I am not in real life, it is like I can unleash my alter ego as well as my bad side in a way that it would not cause any harm to other and it helps me to be in control of myself a bit more as I have the right medium to soothe myself when I am about to lose control over whatever problem I have.

Third, I need a high-quality laptop as a place for me to store all my pictures, videos, documents that are personal and private to me without needing to clear it out when I only have a few of it just because of storage issues and so on. A high-quality laptop will also help me to easily retrieve as well as keep well my memories through the pictures and videos of me, my friends, and families.
Fourth, a high-quality laptop will help me in a way that it will ease all my performances issues and battery issues as I will be able to do my work on laptop without needing to worry for its battery or needing to worry for its to suddenly crash when I am doing my job.

All in all, these are my reason why I beg for a high-quality laptop and I hope that my beg for a high-quality laptop will come true and helps me in many ways as possible. I will like to say thanks in advance and thank you for everything.


I am a simple yet complicated human being.


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