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I beg for Headphones

Headphones are a smaller form of loudspeakers, which has an ideal weight so that people can easily wear it on their heads without any discomfort. They have small speakers on each end. They are designed in such a manner so that they can provide maximum comfort to the user. Nowadays, these headphones are mainly used as auxiliary stereo, so that people can easily enjoy the music of their choice without disturbing other people. Although, people also use headphones while playing online games, making video calls, watching movies, etc. Headphones have some important advantages over earphones like, they easily get fit on our heads, and comfortably cover almost everyone’s ears to give a high-quality sound.

I am a college student, I have an interest in singing, my father bought a smartphone for me by spending his savings a year ago. I got earphones along with that smartphone. But those earphones were of poor quality. One can use those earphones hardly for 2 to 3 months, their durability is quite less, their every end stopped working one by one. Now, I feel very alone, because music is my best companion. I enjoy listening to music. Music is my only companion when I feel stressed, tired, lonely. I always put earphones into my ears and started playing music, whenever I feel lonely and tired. It relieves my stress, anxiety and fatigue, and it always refreshes my mood. In my college almost everyone carries headphones around their neck all the time including my all friends, but I am the only unlucky guy who uses earphones, I feel very ashamed at that time. Being a college student, sometimes I get very frustrated and tired with assignments and long boring lectures of professors. So, whenever I got time I used to listen to music by sitting in the park. But now things have changed, now I don’t have earphones, because my older earphones got damaged. I feel alone without listening to music.

I beg for the headphones because earphones usually get damaged after some months, their durability is quite less in comparison to headphones. I can not afford headphones, the cost of new headphones is pretty much high for me, since I belong to a lower-class family for which the cost of headphones is equivalent to the ration of one month. So, I am begging for brand-new headphones, I have a keen desire to enjoy the music in headphones, I want to feel the weight of headphones over my head because I have never used them before. Headphones look quite stylish in this modern era also headphones give a better quality of sound in comparison to earphones and, they are comparatively more comfortable than earphones. Since my family income is quite low. My father is the only earner in the family, my parents can not fulfill this desire. Therefore, I beg for the headphones, Please support me, I am lack of resources, I want to convert my interest in singing into my passion. I hope, one day my wish will get fulfilled. Thank you so much.

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