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I beg for Guitar

Everyone has a passion in life like some say they have a passion for traveling, some say dance, while some say acting and the list goes on. But some people say they don’t have a passion in their life. But, I think they have not found it yet. But if I talk about my passion is the only guitar. There are plenty of musical instruments in this world out of which guitar is the most famous one. The guitar is used in a variety of music, the guitar is the most stylish musical instrument in the world. The word ‘guitar’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit word, In Sanskrit ”tar” means string, Sanskrit is the language of Central Asia, mainly from India and in India names of stringed instruments were named by adding ”tar” in the end along with a prefix which indicates the number of strings like two is called ”dwi”, three called ”tri”, etc. There are a lot of theories about the origin of the guitar. It is not exactly known, but the majority of researchers agree that the ancestor of the guitar comes from the Middle East.

I am very passionate about playing the guitar. I was of 11 years when I started playing guitar. I learned to play guitar at my school. In my school, there used to be three music classes in a week. So, I never got absent in my music classes. There were also dance classes in my school, but I did not have any interest in dance. So, I did not try to attend dance classes at my school.

As time passed, I started getting perfect in playing the guitar. Initially, I did not have any personal guitar, so I used to learn to play guitar by the use of musical instruments of school. But later on, I asked my parents to buy a guitar for me. They agreed for that, and they bought an acoustic guitar for me. It was a cheap guitar, it had a brown body. But, I did not care about its price. The only thing which was making me happy again and again that, now I owned a personal guitar. I enjoyed with my guitar, I used to play with that guitar almost all day long. I used to sing a lot. My all friends and family appreciated me.

But now, I have grown up, that guitar is also out of date. Now, I study in college. But my passion for guitar and music did not reduce. I still play guitar with that interest as I used to play that in my childhood. But the problem that has now come to the fore is that the guitar does not work properly. There is a lot of faults in it.

But now, on being a college student with a keen interest in music. I beg for an acoustic guitar so that I can maintain my passion for music. I am from a middle family, my father is a small businessman. I also have siblings and it becomes difficult for my father to fulfill the desires of each member of my family. Hence, I beg for an acoustic guitar.

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