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I beg for good clothes

It is generally acknowledged that the first impressions are made just within a few seconds. People are primarily judged by their physical appearance, and their clothing plays a big role.

One of the essential physiological necessities of a human being is clothing as it associates with needs and a person’s identity. Clothes are also a form of protection from any harm that can be encountered in our surroundings and to our ever-changing climate. Modesty can also be defined in the clothing that we wear. An individual’s status in life can be discerned in the clothes that they prefer to wear.

I beg for good clothes that I can showcase my personality. My outfit definitely defines most of my character. When a person looks at me from head to toe, in his mind, he has already made up my identity. The perfect example is how to present myself in a job interview. The primary thing that I must do is to dress accordingly so that I can be able to get a positive first impression, and my possibility of being hired will be high.

I beg for good clothes because when I dress well, I get a boost in my confidence. A person who is high in spirit has a big chance of living a happy life. I can be able to soar high and hit my goals. I think that making an effort to dress my best at all times will not only help me to gain confidence but also can bring out the best in me.

I beg for good clothes that can provide me with physical protection from the harmful impacts of our environment and climate. My body requires appropriate clothing that can cater to the different seasons of the year. Comfortable apparel that can protect me from the sun’s harsh heat during the summertime and a warm coat that can keep me cosy during the snowy days of winter. The safety that my clothing can give me adds up to the list of reasons why I need to have good outfit choices.

I beg for good clothes to wrap my body modestly so that I can follow the rule of etiquette in society. I personally think that dressing up fashionably is important as long as you observe the principle of decency in your attire. I would be so flattered if people will turn their heads back to me and offer me a second glance in a complimentary way that is not offensive.

I beg for good clothes that can determine my status in life and what I do for a living. It is not a new thought that my wardrobe can define what I do for a living. Whatever I wear can notify someone what kind of employment I have. If I am a boss or a secretary, a pilot or a stewardess, a Queen or a lady in waiting and the list goes on. It is a must that I have to possess a set of clothes that is suitable for my field of work. As a book says, “You are what you wear.”

Therefore, I beg for good clothes in order for me to harmonize my personality with my lifestyle. Wearing adequate clothes that are within my taste and style is an indication of self-care and self-love. It might sound shallow, but I admire people who have a style that reflects their personality because it takes a lot of soul-searching to find your own beauty. There is always glamour in dolling-up myself, but it’s the habit that has transformed my life.

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