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I beg for German Puppy

Animals are like our friends and I really love them. I always felt connected to them. They can understand our emotions specially a dog can better understand it. It is the emotional connection what we are always looking for and a dog is the most obedient creature to his master that’s why I really like them. A dog always listens to his masters’ order and pay a great tribute. One day I was jogging in the park, suddenly I saw a man who was there for doing exercise too along with his pet dog. Then I saw the gentleman was giving some kind of orders to his companion to stand there in a particular place until he gives it an indication to move. It amazed me when I saw the exact thing happening Infront of my eyes because It was nearly eight- or nine-months puppy. Having a friend like an obedient dog will certainly help me.

I work for the homeless, orphan, street dogs. I help people to adopt these dogs by contacting with them. I have a wish to buy a German puppy but I don’t have enough money or a stable job form where I can collect a big amount to by the puppy. It also very much costly in our country so, it’s impossible for me to buy one. One also feels secure when he or she has an obedient companion like a pet dog. I want to nurture a puppy and want to make friendship with it. I can pass my time by having this kind of fruitful friend plus I will get extra security form it. Actually, we all should love dogs and adopt them with full responsibility to give them a better life. I believe humanity is beneath under the kindness. Everyone should be kind not only to dogs but also to all the creatures. If we can give shelter to an orphan dog, God will definitely be pleased with us.

I want to adopt a German puppy and I’m begging for it to you. For doing this great work I need your help to fulfill my dream. With animals like dogs, I had a great bonding from my childhood. When I was an elementary school student, I was very affectionate to dogs and I planned to adopt a puppy from the street around the school. I told some of my friends to help me getting one puppy. After searching three days later we had found a little puppy. I made an arrangement for nurturing that puppy very carefully with the help of my friends and parents though I hadn’t enough money at that time too but somehow, I managed it. It gives me the inspiration to live when I can help a homeless dog and It gives me reliefs too. Every creature has the right to live their own life and we have to make sure that they can get it. We need to be more human to those lovely creatures specially to dogs. I’m begging for your help to fulfill my wish to have my dreamed puppy.


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