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I beg for geriatric wheelchair

I beg for a geriatric wheelchair for my 95 years old grandma, I was born in a little village down the stream of Anetitry in the late 90’s. It wasn’t the best moment of my life but I learnt to adjust and adapt to the very cold valleys. Despite the fact that I never loved the place, my grandmother made the place very warm with her many stories and endless laughter that brightened every dull face I formed at that time. She would pose a lot of hope in the image of despair.

She was old but not as she is now which makes me abit sad. She could work without requiring so much help despite the little here and there for her because she was our grandmother. My mother would send us to buy her things at the market while she didn’t like it as she demanded to walk herself there every Sunday. She is a staunch Christian who never fails to attend mass at the local church despite her now prevailing condition. I remember she would repeat the words of Father James “work until your bones cannot work anymore” and she would insist on the virtue of hard work each and every time she would see you lazing around.

She would make us pancakes which was and is still is her favorite meal every morning before we went to school. She was strong and full of armor. She would attend to her animals every day and no single day has she ever employed someone to do her work for her. I envy her hard work to date. The hardworking phase was unfortunately cut off one dim afternoon. It rained heavily and there was no one to assist my grandmother in putting the cows in a shed. It was slippery but she was determined to ensure her livestock was safe and in process lost balance and slipped into the mud causing a damage of her spinal cord. It was a long afternoon as the most independent person I knew turned into a dependent of others people’s mercy. It broke my heart to see her like that. She shed tears missing her young age of health and hard work.

Several times I tried to encourage her but tears couldn’t stop but flow down my cheeks as I watch her writhe in her bed every day. I miss the days she could walk and make me pancakes but not anymore.  I loved that woman to now she still remains a precious Jewell in my heart that i treasure so much. Her old age came late but she is still a strong woman despite being unable to walk and work like before. She gets disappointed because someone has to make her her favorite pancakes as she lies there in despair. How I wish I could afford to get her a wheelchair for the geriatric to assist her at least in movement in about her house and also other activities especially going to church and seeing her doctor.

The geriatric wheelchair is commonly used by the old people with difficulties in walking, spinal cord injuries or muscular dystrophy. Through use of this wheelchair the old people have an opportunity to engage in social activities, work as independent people and also be able to visit their health facilities efficiently. The wheel chair is also an effective way to reduce pressure sore and further deformities.

For that reason I am begging for a geriatric wheelchair for my 95 year old grandmother who due to old age has not been able to do anything for herself for 5years now. She has no underlying health condition or disability and therefore a wheelchair would do a great deal in helping her overcome her challenge of inability to walk. This wheelchair will help my grandmother to be healthier and avert health problems such as digestive and respiratory problems.

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