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I beg for for a blood pressure monitor.

Hypertension also known as High blood pressure is a common issues these days but it should be checked properly. Any carelessness with not getting it monitored can pose serious health risks to the patients. The device or medical instrument used to check up on a patient’s blood pressure is actually a blood pressure monitor B.P apparatus.
High blood pressure happens because of many reasons for example a diet high in cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, not much workout activities, consuming large amounts of fast foods, genetics causes, obesity and also sometimes anxiety and tension.
While it is a common issue; taking it lightly can pose serious threat to life once you get hypertensive, this means once you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure level on a regular basis and still not taking account of eating habits and lifestyle changes can be fatal.
I lost my grandmother at a really tender age, as a kid I used to miss her a lot but then I came across my friend’s grandmother as I went to see my friend at her home. This was my very first meeting with her grandmother and I found her to be very kind and loving soul. Soon I developed a loving bond with her, she used to bake cake for me and my friend and tell us stories from her past beautiful times. In short she just considered me as her own grandchild and I had the same love for her and years passed by like this, but now recently with advancing age she has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I felt deep sorrow.
I beg for blood pressure monitor for her. This is common issue but not having a blood pressure for her keeps me tensed because the blood pressure should be monitored on regular basis to prevent any further aggravation. As the doctor said if not taken proper measure and monitored on regular basis, she might have brain hemorrhage or heart attack. These words were no less than bombshells hitting our heart and mind.
The doctor has also prescribed her some medicine to take on daily basis with some necessary measure like walking some steps, taking low cholesterol diet, less fatty foods and low salt diet that will help her get better and lower the chances of fatal heart problems.
High blood pressure is a silent killer if not taken account and checked regularly. The potential apparatus to check blood pressure is called sphygmomanometer. There are range of blood pressure checking instruments available in the market. There are manual and digital both kinds of sphygmomanometer.
The normal blood pressure of a human being is 120/ 80 mmHg. The upper number is called the systolic blood pressure that should be in a normal range and the lower number is called as diastolic blood pressure. An increase in systolic and diastolic blood pressure means high blood pressure or hypertension. The unit of blood pressure is mmHg which is measure of blood pushing with pressure.
I beg for a digital Omron blood pressure monitor to keep checking her blood pressure. A kind act goes long way, help me taking care of her.

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