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I beg for footwear

Helping the needy and the less fortunate is something that has lived to be in me for a very long time. Whenever I find someone less fortunate, I find myself offering whatever I can or wish that I had the ability to help the people in a way to make a great impact on such people that are less fortunate in life. What I offer, sometimes, may not be the complete solution to their problems, but I feel comfortable knowing that I have offered some help and made the condition better, and at times, solve the condition. for example, beg some footwares for someone in need.

There are a lot of orphanage homes and other homes of such kind that are usually searching for donations from people to help them in managing and taking care of the victims in these homes. Donations do not mean or have to be in monetary terms, as many people assume. It also includes material objects that are always lying around us. Some such materials are meaningless to us, but they could mean a great deal to someone else and help them in a way. This includes offering the little help and giving away some of what we have in plenty to and help the less fortunate.

The footwear drive
For the reasons that I have stated in my story, I have been thinking of how I can donate a load of shoes, sandals, and other items that go in line with the footwear to the homes. It hit me that there might be philanthropists out there that would like to support my drive to help the orphans and other needy people in the care homes. It seems like a meaningless course, but imagine the smile that you would put on an orphan somewhere by handing them a pair of sandals to wear when going to the shower or the bathroom.
This drive is associated with anything regarding footwear. It could be a pair of shoes, sandals, slippers, socks, leg warmers, and such kinds of footwear materials. However, this drive is not limited to footwear. If you feel that you have anything that can help in such homes, along with the footwear, you can also feel welcome to donate along with others. For example, a pair of jean trousers or dresses would go along with a perfect pair of shoes.
This does not have to be necessarily new. However, they have to be in good condition. They could also go to the street children out there. Therefore, the more, the better.

I believe that we all have a golden heart and care about others. Our small acts of kindness would mean a great deal to other people. I believe and feel that there is not a great feeling than seeing a smile on a troubled person out of your assistance or any act of kindness. Remember that we are only fortunate enough not to be there. Those people have not done any wrong to be there; they are just less fortunate. We can make their life wonderful by such footware drives.
Feel appreciated in advance for supporting my footwear drive for the needy.

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