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I beg for Food

After over 5 months under lockdown, most private schools and BOM tutors have gone to beg to survive. Being one of them, I’ve been begging for food from thoughtful guardians because the school owner can’t bear to pay me any longer as long stretches of lockdown heap up.
I am significantly reliant on education costs paid by students to fund my tasks. The sudden closure of schools in March affected the funds of tuition-based schools that I serve. I beg for food.
Mr. Kamau, a colleague and an educator in a private city school, said in a meeting that he was energetically hanging tight for his pay in March when schools shut. As indicated by him, he hasn’t got his compensation to date. The same scenario applies to me.
He said the school owner was hoping to get cash from guardians on appearance day the next week. The dad of three says he has been battling to make a decent living. He said he in some cases asks guardians for help.
A few guardians could send me some maize and beans which could keep me going. My story is the same as numerous different educators in the private schools met during this pandemic period. I’ve been contacting guardians for help to make a decent living. I beg for food.
“You realize it is disturbing. Yet, it is the main alternative that I can fall back on. Some give me and while others don’t because they are additionally battling to live. Yet, I realize that opportunity will come when they can no-longer send help, however I beg for food.
I had planned to ride my Boda however I scarcely get clients because, under lockdown, customers are restricted not to move from one place to another.
“If the circumstance doesn’t standardize we should pay them half-pay rates starting in May. In the direct outcome imaginable, in other words, if the lockdown goes past September, we may quit paying them. Nonetheless, we have guaranteed them that they will get their unfulfilled obligations since they have running agreements,” said an owner
To exacerbate the situation, there are no state-of-the-art measurements for this gathering of individuals. I’m begging the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the ministry of education to launch a free food program that I can benefit from. I beg for food.
KNUT officials in certain pieces of the nation noticed that since open educators are as yet getting compensations, some of them could prepare themselves to give food and some fundamental needs to a portion of the instructors who may be extraordinarily influenced.
In a similar turn of events, the Kenya Private Schools affiliation executive notes that they are drawing in the training division to see whether they can think of an arrangement to help educators in the private part get by during the lockdown.
I beg that the ministry of education and other stakeholders or any well-wisher come forth. They should come up with the strategies of rescuing me together with the most vulnerable individuals during this period of Covid-19. I beg for food


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