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I beg for Food

I used to beg meals on the roadside, I usually get sufficient food on that road, so I did not wish to beg anywhere except that place, there was a teen boy 14 years who used go and return from school from that same road on which I used to beg. He was a good-looking boy ideal height with brown hair and a fair complexion. One day, as usual, I was begging, and he was going back to home from school, he saw me, and he came to me like the other people he gave a sandwich in my begging bowl after that I gave pleasant smile, and he also replied me with a smile.

What I thought about the boy that he was very kind and helpful. As he becomes my donor daily, I used to have had waited for his donation. But one day it was very cloudy, I was begging, as usual, also waiting for his donation, he passed from the same road, but he did not come to me. I was astonished because he was a daily giver of mine. I guessed maybe he did not have food items to give me, although I had collected enough foodstuffs and some people also gave some coins to me on that day. The next day I was doing my same job, and again he passed near to me without donating me anything to eat, and this went on for a week. But I was very curious to know the reason for his behavior. After a week, I was following my routine, as usual, he was passing near to me, somehow after gathering some courage, I tried to stop him. He stopped and looked at me and asked, why did I make him stop?

Then I replied, you used to give meals to me every day but why did you stop doing it? Then he said, do you want to know? I said, yes. Then he explained to me that some days ago he was taught about beggars and begging in school where his teacher gave a lecture on beggars. He told me that, for every single coin or any foodstuff we give you, the more remunerative we make begging in comparison to working. It is bad for us because we want people to work instead of begging. Most importantly there is no assurance that the beggar will spend money just for his livelihood. He may spend that money on consumption of drugs and alcohol and the majority of beggars do the same with that money which is illegal as well. He said, our teacher told us that beggars collect much more money based on their looks, place they beg. So after thinking a lot and discussing it with my mother regarding the same, I stopped giving you foodstuff to you, the boy said we know, beggars mainly beg for money, not for food. He also told me, I do not know, whether are you happy or not with my decision? But I will follow my mother and teacher.

The boy advised me to leave this job and told me to start a new life, after saying all this. The boy said goodbye to me, but I stopped him and I asked his name, he replied, Rick. Then I said, Thank you, and Goodbye.

On that day, I kept on thinking about that, but I was the one, who mainly beg for meals, and at last I decided to stop begging. I decided to start a new life, from then, I started working as a laborer and now after so many years, I feel so proud of myself for taking this step on the advice of that boy. I also understood many disadvantages of begging. In this world there is no respect for beggars, and if someone begs then he should be untidy with filthy hands, long facial hair, and has torn clothes to show how much needy is he. Being a beggar is so tough, and one should have a high degree of tolerance. At last, I end up this by writing we should discourage begging.

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