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I beg for Fancy Shoes

Shoes are very important because it does not only protect our feet bust also give us support and safety. Not all feet are ideal so, properly suitable shoes can refine our position and correct step and our personality too. So shoes play a very important role in our daily life.
Shoes play an important role in daily life. They are the requirement of every person including students, teachers, businessmen, and doctors. Especially for students because they are often identified by the shoes that they wear.
Shoes prevent foot problems that cause due to going outside without shoes or wearing shoes that don’t give enough support and protection. Shoes also protect us against infections and keep our feet clean.
Without that supportive shoes, the biomechanics of the body cause useless impact and stress on parts of your feet and knees. That can lead to back knee and foot pain. Also, note that not fitted and suitable shoes can have a negative impact on foot health.
Shoes allow us to travel far, emotional, revealing, and charged, improve our performance, and aid in overall health. Shoes contribute a great deal to our human experience.
Shoes can make a major difference in the overall look. It may look weird when someone not keen to follow fashion trends.
Being a student at university, I am suspect to take a fancy. Unfortunately, I do not have new and modern shoes. People from all scenarios are my class. Who are rich, wear expensive shoes, and are proud of them. Some are from the average background and they wear average looking shoes. I’m the one who doesn’t have good shoes. They don’t look good at wearing. So I wanted to upgrade them.
People are very perspicuity. They judge you by your semblance and the things you wear. If you not wearing expensive things like shoes, clothes, bags, watches, you will find them judgmental. It is very awkward for me when they see my old shoes and sneering. I want to get rid of this embarrassment by having new shoes.
The shoes should be enough good that looks stylish after wearing them. If they are not so then it is useless to buy those shoes. In the morning when I wear those shoes it becomes too difficult for me and also it makes me nervous. For students, it is important to wear good shoes. Because the mental well-being of a student is very important.
If I have a new pair of shoes, I’m upto get rid of the above-mentioned problems. My college life will also become charming to me. I will get my education with a peaceful mind and never face embarrassment.
Now the question is why you choose me? That will literally be so kind. I will feel so happy and calm if you do this for me. I promise I will never forget to include you in my daily prayers. God will also happy from your side due to this greatness and kindness. And shower more blessings on you. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.


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