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I beg for Famous Urdu novels.

Books are the perfect source of knowledge. And since people are known to them, there is no such thing which can replace them. Books can become your friends because there are some people who write their stories in them. Books become a source of communication between the writer and reader.
I am a person who loves reading. Whenever I find myself peace less, I read books. I have read many books before but now I want to read novels. As they are expensive I cannot buy them myself. But they are my need and desire and I want them. Books are a perfect source of joy for me. I love studying the life history of people. Through novels, I believe that I will learn many life lessons. Because I have studied that people express their deep thoughts in the novels they write. The novels are published as books.
I am also a student and I deal with the daily problems of life. Sometimes the problems I face are hard to cope and as a solution, I need new information in my life. I want to become another person for some time. By reading novels, my thinking process will become more accurate because I will become more peaceful. Novels will also improve my communication skills with people. I want novels also because I want to see the life of people according to their point of view.
The novels I wish for are Jannat ke Pattay, Humsafar, Dayar-e-Dil, Aab-e-Hayat, and Kullyat-e-Iqbal. I have heard a lot about these novels that they give the peace of mind to whoever reads them. I want to see life from a closer view. I want to explore things. By reading these novels, I believe I will start viewing life from a different perspective. I will know a lot more about the solutions of my own problems because I will be getting great knowledge from great source.
When I meet my friends, they often talk about these novels and they tell each other how many times they have read them while I stay quiet because I don’t know about them. The way they express their likeness towards these novels increases my interest. I become more anxious of them. I also want to talk about thesse novels the way my friends do.
Novels also develop the personality of people. When people read novels by heart i.e. by engaging themselves with the characters, they evolve themselves according to those characters. The lessons of novel can help people find solutions to their problems. I want peace in my life and I know that by reading novels, I can divert my complete attention towards them and can get away from the restless things. I think that by reading novels I will become more patient and respectful towards several issues.
I beg for novels because I believe that they will connect me with people by heart. I will become a more understanding person. But as I belong to a middle-class family, I think very critically before spending money. The novels which I wish for are very expensive for my budget therefore I cannot afford them. But I believe that if I can get access to them I will learn many things and will improve my skills.


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