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I beg for Electric Water Cooler

The temperature of Earth is increasing every year due to Global Warming. The climate remains hot where we are living. Air Water and Food are very necessary for human life, the water cooler is one thing that helps you to have this comfort. It is one of the most important equipment in the kitchen. Water Cooler helps you to keep your water cold so we can drink cool water that give us comfort.
I am here to ask for a Water Cooler for me and my family. I will tell you my story and how much I am in need of a Water Cooler.
I am a working woman as well as a student and work part-time in a mart as a cashier after my classes end. I work there from 3 pm to 9 pm. I got paid hourly on a daily basis. The payment is not that much and I hardly afford my personal expenses. I am not home most of my day because of classes and work so I make my meal after every two days. So that I can have them after a long tiring day at work. I hardly have time to reheat my meal because I have my homework on pending and I got so exhausted that my body does not allow me to do any extra work.
On return back to home, we drank warm water. It is hardly to drink warm water specially for children those who come back to their school.
We are living in a society where the Water Cooler plays an important role in the means of cool water, which is so important to certain people.
Just imagine living in the past when the Water Cooler was not invented. How many hardships you must has to endure to keep the water cool. Using cooling cabinets, iceboxes or even large icehouses and etc. You would have to drink warm water and have to eat soft apples. See this will not taste good right? Life would be so difficult without a Water Cooler. We should be thankful for the person who invented the Water Cooler. But so many people take this invention for granted when they should not. Water Cooler brings so many good things in our lives. It makes our lives much better and a lot easier.
Why I need it? That will actually be so great. This will help me feel so grateful and happy – and I will make sure to include you in my daily prayers because of your generosity. It also might make God happy and He might shower His blessings upon you. Will not it be so great? And as long as that person will be using that jeep and it provides comfort to him, you will also be having the reward for that.
Everyone wants to live a comfortable and peaceful life. But not everyone dreams come true. However, I can have a little taste of it if you could help me with a water cooler. I would be very pleased and thankful to you.

Manazir Abbashttps://booksofphysics.blogspot.com
My name is Manazir Abbas.I am a professional in all Data Entry job, Graphic Design,Logo Design,Photoshop,Youtube Cover Pages, Thumnails. I work with some useful tools which is why I can make it Fancy and well Decorated. I am working as database administrator and I have 2 years work experience before I became a full time Available. My skills and services include: - Article Writing - Data entry - Graphic Design - Graphic Cards - MS Office - Logo Design - Youtube Cover Page, Thumnails - Book Covers etc. Hope my skill and work can help you with your business. Thanks.


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