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I beg for digital watch.

Watch is a gadget which shows us time. Now, the age of modern science, Everything is getting digital. Same goes with watch. Technology has changed normal watches too. Normal and simple watch let us know time only. Some watch also offers day and date. But not more than time, date and day. But digital watch offers us a lot more than that. A digital watch not only provides us time, date and day but also shows us weather, compass, GPS and many more. Most of the normal watch are not water proof. But almost every digital watch is water proof and shock proof. Digital watch offers lot more than a analog watch.

Analog watches are old fashioned and they look boring to most people. On the other hand digital watches are trendy. Digital watches are well fashioned. They look fancy. They are versatile. Analog watch doesn’t match with every occasion. You can not go every where with an analog Watch. But digital watch are so versatile that you can wear them all the time. It matches with every occasion and you can wear that and go where ever you want.

An analog watch just shows us time, date and day. But a digital watch can also work like a fitness band. It can calculate how much calories you gained or lost. A digital watch also count your footsteps. It shows you How long and what distance you have walked. A digital watch can also track your sleep. In short a digital watch really helps you to stay fit.

digital watch can get connected to your mobile phone or laptop. It is a great feature. You can check your notifications with your digital watch. You can also pick up calls through your digital watch. Even you also can send or read text messages. A digital watch can get connected to internet and you can brows internet through your digital watch. A digital watch increase your connectivity with the world. It is really amazing.

Time is a valuable thing and we all should use time properly. Who doesn’t use time properly can not prosper in life. I am a student. Regularly I have to got college and other tuition classes. In short I have to follow a strict schedule. I have to do a lot of stuff in a short time. So I have to maintain time properly. But I don’t have any watch. So I have to face a lot of difficulties. A watch will help me a lot. It will help me to follow my strict routine daily.

In this era of modern science a digital watch is a must have accessory. It is a part of our trendy fashion too. Using a digital watch is almost a trend now. Most of the civilized people uses a digital watch now a days. It’s a very common thing. Besides fashion and trend it is also beneficial from many sides. It really helps us a lot.

So please give me digital watch. I am badly in need of a digital watch.


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