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I beg for dialysis machine

I watched on one chilly morning as an elderly-weak looking man sat in a slumped wheelchair, eyes closed outside the doors of Wind Valley Dialysis center. The look on his face was devastating a sign of despair, hopelessness and fear. Across the street I could see a handicapped-accessible public bus waiting in the parking to take more patient of the center home. One man said he knew someone who died waiting for dialysis, because of lack of dialysis machine. Everybody seems to know someone in dialysis around town. But what is missing?

Before I could move an inch I remember my aunt Racheal who goes to Wind Valley Dialysis Center where she spends Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She can’t miss treatment she can’t go anywhere. She is divested at the moment. She cries foul for the long queues she has to wait at the center. Many people come for dialysis everyday some even die on the cues clueless of what to do. I wonder what about those who can’t afford the medical treatment at Wind Valley? I can’t stop the question but I go back home thinking and reminiscing.

Finishing school was a good thing. I was finally the doctor I always desired. My parents were happy I could see it in their eyes when they attended the graduation ceremony in school. I was ready a mature man in the making with all wisdom and knowledge I needed to achieve my goals.

I desired to be a medical doctor from the day I couldn’t stop thinking about the kidney patients waiting on for dialysis. I thought this is a good way to solve the puzzle for them. Here I was fully equipped with knowledge but little did I know that I needed more than just education but also I needed equipment’s. I got employed at a local hospital which of course didn’t have the capacity to help in dialysis and most patients were referred to the Wind Valley Dialysis Center for the same. It broke my heart for the many people who would fold their faces by the mention of that and turn away disappointed as they couldn’t afford.

My experience in the field was making me more eager to become a better doctor and by that time I decided to open a small clinic in my home area to solve the problem of having to walk long distances to get the health services. My people are happy for my generosity. Every day I attend to at least 50 people from my local neighborhood with various conditions. Some are practically resolved while others have underlying conditions.

One this day while I was busy attending to my clients something unique caught my attention. The cases of kidney failure were on the rise compared to diabetes and cancer. In a day I could attend to 30 people with kidney problems or the renal problem making it 60% of the total patients I attended to in a day. So the dialysis machine is very important.

Kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged and cannot perform their functions of removing waste and balancing fluids in the body. A prolonged period of kidney disease leads to renal failure where the kidneys suddenly stop filtering waste from blood. Kidney failure cans results to complications such as fluid buildup, anemia, heart disease and bone disease. People with kidney disease require dialysis to enable them live longer despite having damaged kidneys.

I love serving people and my main aim is to sustain and maintain active life. My patients are my first priority in my profession. It hurts me to watch most of them die in young age leaving very young families desperate for a better life. The pain and resources they use just to get dialysis is long distances and an expensive hospital is overwhelming. Those who miss the opportunity die and the pain is unbearable. I wish I was in a position to therefore, I am begging for a dialysis machine. This would go a very long way in reducing deaths from kidney failure

The worst part of our system is the fact that it is insensitive in keeping people especially poor people and minorities on dialysis until they die. I want to save their lives. It will be affordable to those who can’t afford big hospitals and other medical insurances. Close monitoring will be efficient during the process of disease. I can’t wait to see the smile in Lucy’s face who watches her only daughter cry in pain and agony. She has to wait at least 5 days for her to get the services of dialysis. It pains being her only daughter. I need the dialysis.

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