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I beg for cupboard

A broad-minded person keeps on learning and growing until he becomes successful and independent. I am one of those few broad-minded people. I am passionate to achieve my goals but I am on my way and the destination is too far. I need to work hard for years and I am doing so. Without education, it is not possible. This is why I have made education my top-most priority. I am a university student. I am studying day and night so that I can continue my studies. I am dependent on my scholarship as I belong to a poor family. I worked really hard to get this scholarship and admission in the university. Now, this is my hard-work that is keep me going as a student.
I do not have any kind of financial support. Whatever I need, I have to manage on my own to get it. I am a home-based tutor. I teach college students to earn at least enough to support my academic expenses. Even after teaching a few students, I do not earn much but I am trying my best to earn as much as possible. Still, I just manage hardly to buy my books, stationery and travel expenses for my university. I am going through a really tough time.
We lost our father when I was in school. My mother stitches clothes and somehow manages to feed us all. We are spending a poor life. My family is suffering. I will soon get a job after graduating from university. Till then, we have to be patient.
I beg for a cupboard. Unsorted shuffled and disorganized things bring disharmony in life. It makes us irritated. It takes time to get what you want when everything is just jumbled up. Being a student and a teacher, I have so many books. I need them sorted out so that whenever I need any of my books, I can just get it from my cupboard instead of wasting my hours to find from a huge bundle. It will save me time. I can spend that time on my study or teaching my students. I can teach more students this way and in a better way. This will increase my income and it will also bring me peace of mind to see my books in good condition.
One of the very famous quotes is: ‘’The finest moment in your life is when you have done good things to nameless people without expecting them to do anything in return for you.
It is said that If you want to pray to Allah (God) for better means of subsistence, then first give something in charity. If you will contribute a little, I will get a great outcome. I would be able to manage things in a better way. I shall be grateful to you and I will remember you in my prayers as well because of this kind act of you. May God shower his blessings on you and your family.
Thank you 😊


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