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I beg for Clothes

It’s believed that how you dress is how you will be addressed. Not having a lot of clothes can be so bad and reduces one self esteem. I come from a background were feeding twice a day is an issue talk more of dishing out funds to buy clothes either for me or my siblings. This situation have place in a bad state of dilemma to a point I’m lost in thoughts and no longer know what to do or who to ask for help.

I beg for clothes because I have just few clothes and is affecting me. Most times I miss hanging out with friends because I don’t even have a good cloth to put on and be among them. It sounds kind of embarrassing and is making me loose out on many things I would have stand to gain hanging out with them.

I beg for clothes because as a graduate who is sorting for jobs, I need to look good base of the fact that dress sense speaks volume when it comes to interview sessions. I once went for an interview and the first question the HR ask me was “Don’t you know how best to dress” your dress sense kind of look funny. Right from that day i find hard to attend or go for interviews because I feel I will be embarrassed again.

I beg for clothes because been a choir member in my church, there is need for me to always look good. Most times when dress codes are been given in church, i have to either borrow or dress with something different from what others are putting on and this tends to push most people to make mockery of me. If i can get the right clothes, I’m sure they will see me in same vein with therself and i will be able to fit it.

I beg for clothes because I come from a society where people judge, criticize and rate you base on your mere appearance alone. Not dressing properly makes them see you as trash or someone who came from the slum. But if I’m able to look good I will be address as one with great social status and also be respected by many and this will help me not to overthink, worry myself or be depressed
I beg for clothes because I know how it feels not to have one and will also want to give out some of them to few people who Doesn’t have too. Like isn’t easy with a lot of people I know and I will love to help out by reaching out to them from the few clothes I get.

Life feels incomplete and kinda crazy especially when a person doesn’t have enough clothes. You can’t fit in among your peers, in school, church or social gathering. It makes most people to disrespect you and to this extend it might drive you into depression which my either end positively or negatively. I do hope I’m giving a consideration and my post given a facelift.

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