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I beg for Clock

In this modern time, clocks are one of the most important necessities of human beings. Every home, every business, every office, every person needs a clock to manage their time and their tasks accordingly. Clocks keep us punctual and allow us to do everything on time. No one can deny the importance of clocks.
I beg for a clock. I am a student and I go to university on a scholarship basis as I belong to a village and my father is a poor person. Our whole family is dependent on my father for their financial needs. We are a big family of twelve members. He cannot afford to provide us with everything we need. We are living from hands to mouth. My father cannot make enough savings to buy us a clock. We used to have a clock but it broke down one day when it was raining and the storm made a big disaster. We lost many things during this storm. The clock was one of those.

Students are identified by their punctuality. No teacher likes a student who does not attend the classes on time. Being a university student, I am supposed to attend my class on time and to complete my homework assignments before the deadline but I get fail in doing so and it happens very often that I have to stand outside of the class as a punishment because of being late. It is destroying my reputation as a student as well as affecting my behaviour grades. It is not just affecting my education but it will also affect my career in future as well. I am in dire need to have a clock as soon as possible.
When my teachers get angry and unhappy about my time issues, it embarrasses me a lot. This is heartbreaking that I am doing struggle to have better education but just because of belatedness sometimes, my education career is on the verge of destruction. All the effort I put in getting good scores is of no value when I cannot go to my class on time and present my presentations timely.
If I will have a clock in my home, I will get rid of all the problems I am facing in my academic career. I will be able to set back my reputation as a punctual student. My behaviour grading will get higher and my overall performance percentage will increase in good. It will bring me peace of mind and heart. It will make me confident and I will not get embarrassed anymore.
Happiness is helping others the most beloved of people to Allah(God) is the one who brings the most benefit to people, and the most beloved of deeds to Allah(God) is making a Muslim happy, or relieving him of hardships, or paying off his debt, or warding off hunger from him. So, I hope to get a clock from you very soon. This will help me a lot and I shall be thankful to you for this kind act of you.


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