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I beg for Car

The importance of a car is known to everyone. We all know that the world is expanding and time is passing really fast. We are all in such a hurry and the car has become a necessity of life. It’s becoming really hard to get in this race of life without it.
One important thing which is generating more necessity of a car is the weather – as global warming is a common phenomenon; 35°C is normal in summers. And in case it gets extreme then the temperature can rise up to boiling the anger out of you. And due to this, whenever you’ll be asked to go outside, it will surely blow one’s mind out. You got me, right? I am sure you can relate. So in a place like this, a lower class or a middle-class family cannot really afford a car, so how cool would it be if you can contribute your part and award at least one person with a car. Which is me, right? That will actually be so great. This will help me feel so grateful and happy – and I will make sure to include you in my daily prayers because of your generosity. It also might make God happy and He might shower His blessings upon you. Will not it be so great? And as long as that person will be using that car and it provides comfort to him, you will also be having the reward for that.
Another reason for the need for a car is that one can travel all comfy, as you know about the situation of the public transports and roads, also the whole family can travel altogether comfortably. They can go on a picnic or visit their loved ones whenever they want, without any sort of difficulties – like sometimes in our country the transporters call on a strike – it gets quite impossible to even reach your own university.
Also, a car can help you reach your destination in no time – in case of emergency or if in a hurry I could not take a risk to let my family go from a long route. Also, it is not safe in public transports here, I would never recommend them to use public transport amidst an emergency.
Last but not least a car also counts as a luxury but who does not want to live with the luxuries of life. Everyone tries their best to earn as much possible to provide all the luxuries to their own selves as well as to their families. But unfortunately, some people are not fortunate enough to complete their wishes or dreams. But you can help people like me to get what they want, to make our world a better place.
I will be looking forward to your response and will cherish your act of kindness and generosity forever from my heart. Also, God has promised to return more than you give. So He will surely shower His blessings upon you and bless you with more than ever.

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