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I beg for camera

A camera is an optical device that is used to record images. At their most basic, cameras are sealed boxes with a minor hole which is called the aperture. It permits light in capturing an image on a light-sensitive surface. This surface consists of a photographic film or a digital sensor. It uses film or electronics to make a picture of something. It is a tool of photography. The most important part of the camera is the lens. A lens makes the image that the film or electronics sees. A camera is the source of keeping good memories. Every day babies are born, people get married, and all of it is documented with cameras, a source of helping us remember our past.
Photography is my hobby and I am interested in this work since childhood. I had my own camera but unfortunately last year, I lost it during my summer vacation. I was on a family trip and taking pictures of every moment. When I was standing on mountain and taking a picture of my family, suddenly my foot slipped and my camera fell down from my hand. A stream was running below the mountain and my camera fell into the stream. There was no way to get it back. I always miss my camera because it helped me a lot to create and save memories of historical and sentimental value. Famous photographs of notable moments and events from my entire life were captured by that camera.
Moreover, I was also using my camera on events like wedding anniversary, etc. It was my profession and a source of income. But now after losing that I am not able to work. My whole family depends on my income. The price of the new camera is so high and my family background is not enough strong. I am requesting all of you to give your donations in the right way. If you think I am eligible for your donation, then please give me a camera as soon as possible. I am waiting for your response. I need a new camera to continue my work. I am using this platform and asking from you, please give me a camera. This website is my last hope. I have tried my best but all in vain. I have no other means to buy it due to a lack of resources. I do not want to quit my profession as well as my hobby just for the sake of one reason that I have no camera. I am begging for a Canon camera because it is durable and the picture quality of a canon camera is very good as compared to the other brands. After your help, I will use that camera for my profession and meet the expenses of our family. I shall be very thankful to you.
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