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I beg for Books, The Reflection of a Man I & II by Mr. Amari Soul.

Mr. Amari Soul is an author that wrote books about the relationships between men and women but what I truly love about his books is that it was so inspiring especially for the women to know that she worth more than she ever think and it helps to build self-esteem of a women when it is concerning the love relationship or the men itself. I have read some of the quotes that are written inside the books and it was so inspiring as well as it touches my heart and my mind. There are some parts that I agreed with the author and I believe that reading these two books will help me in opening up my view on the relationship itself. I do not mean that my view on relationship between men and women will solely base on these books, but these books will help me to gain more insight of it and it will add up to my knowledge concerning the relationships between men and women.

One of the quotes from the books is “Never settle for a man who is only there for you when it’s convenient for him; that’s not love. When a man truly loves you, he’s there for you when you need him… even when it’s not convenient (Soul, 2020).” This statement, I am truly agreed with it and I believe that women out there who feels lost sometimes because of the feeling of fighting for a love that exhausted one’s mind, feeling and emotions need to read and hear this statement, they need someone to tell them that they shall stay only for those who deserve and appreciate them, be with them through their up and downs in life because it is a fact, when you truly love someone the right way, then you will be there through their ups and downs, no matter what happened in your life, that is love in the right way. If you ask me what is love in the right way, then I will tell you that love in the right way is when you love yourselves in the right way aka self-love. Self-love lets you love someone without mistreating them and self-love comes from self-esteem. Self-esteem can be build by reading these books as it encourage women or even men to love one another in the right sense of way.

The total cost for these two books is $29.97 in US dollar and in my currency in Malaysia which is in ringgit (RM), it cost around Rm127.75 which is a lot for me as I am still a student and being a student I am in need of money for my daily expenses, books expenses and etcetera. Plus the fact due to the previous Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, our economy suffers quite a bit and during that time the income is not stable for its citizen and I could not possible ask my parents for the money for it when its not a necessity for me. So, I hope that through this, I could at least achieve my dream of owning these two books and be able to make it as a part of my books collection as well as a medium for me to gain more knowledge and insight of all. That is all I am hoping for and I will like to thank in advance, to those who will make my dream comes true. Thank you.

I am a simple yet complicated human being.


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